Whistler Vacations

Whistler vacations in British Columbia is not a place many people outside of Canada are familiar with. This could have to do with it’s location being two hours north into the Canadian Rockies from Vancouver, or that it is a carefully guarded secret kept by the people who have visited and want to keep it for themselves. Regardless of the reason, once you travel to Canada and see Whistler, you will never forget it.

Whistler vacations

• Whistler is a great location for a ski holiday in Canada. Whistler, Canada is actually part of the largest ski area on the continent thereby providing a wide ski range for couples to enjoy physical activity together.

• Aerial sightseeing is also a popular activity for couples visiting Whistler and could include things like heli-picnics and glacier tours.

Of course, the time of year you arrive is a factor in what there is to do. Fortunately, Whistler vacations is a year round destination.

Canada holidays: Summer Whistler Vacations

In the summer, Whistler does what a lot of ski resorts do. The ski slopes become secluded trails for hiking, cross country biking and horseback riding. What sets this town apart is that these slopes range from simple hiking through gentle woods to rock climbing and zip lines for the more adventurous and biking that can be a simple sightseeing tour of amazing views to heavy duty mountain biking that is sure to raise your pulse and test your endurance. The horses will let you know what they feel like doing when you get there (grin).

Winter Whistler Vacations -- Canada ski vacation or romantic getaway.

Winter is what Whistler vacations are famous for. The slopes can take you from beginner to full bore downhill with lessons for the former and a massage at the spa for the later. Snowboarding, again with course for all skills, is a fast paced activity that is sure to test your ability to take on the combination of gravity and snow. For the extreme ski enthusiast couple, there is heliskiing. On the other end of the adventure spectrum there are wonderfully relaxing horse drawn sleigh rides that put make you remember James Bond movies and sensuous moments of privacy.

Whistler vacations Activities

There are activities that cross all seasonal boundaries in this resort town. Wilderness sight seeing is one of the most amazing things you can do. Eagles and black bears can be captured with your camera on special guided tours through the mountains and hills. When you are done appreciating the majesty of the wildlife, you can indulge in a little wildness yourself by jumping off one of the high spots. We don’t mean that you should jump off a cliff, but you can bungee jump year round. After all (or instead of) the action, you can spend a day at the Scandinavian Spa.

This feature is a perfect end to a day full of either action or relaxation. Afterwards, there are dining options that should not be missed. Il Caminetto di Umberto is a fantastic Italian restaurant with an amazing wine list and Hy's Steakhouse is known for top quality filet mignon. There are price ranges and dining options for every palette, so be sure to ask around. The greatest thing about Whistler is it’s inhabitants. They are warm and welcoming in the winter and in summer they are what can be best described as very cool people.

There are many options for getting to your Whistler vacations -- varied enough so that every time you return, you can take a different method. From Vancouver, you can rent a car or use one of the shuttle services. However, there are more interesting ways to travel. The train through the mountains is convenient, relaxing and gives you plenty of time enjoy the views. Try booking a charter flight on a float plane and enjoy landing at one of the beautiful lakes in the valleys that surround the area. You can also take a helicopter and enjoy the view in ways that only eagles do.

Vacation in Canada and Nearby Romantic Getaways Ideas British columbia vacation: rugged terrain of the Western provinces.

From Whistler to Vancouver vacation: 79 miles / 127 km – about 1 hour 52 mins Canadian Rockies vacations: stunning scenery and many adventures.

Distance from Whistler to Banff vacations: 792 km / 492 miles and a 10 hours 27 mins drive. And you get to drive or stop in Kamloops.

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