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Great Train Escapes Colorado, Canyonlands, Glacier Park, Montana, Canada & Niagara Falls, Pacific Coast Rail and Sail, etc.
Great Train Escapes is Americas newest daylight sightseeing train. Offering two exciting itineraries to New England and Mexico's Copper Canyon.
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White Pass
White Pass & Yukon Route
Yukon, Fraser Meadows, etc.
Take an unforgettable journey aboard the “Scenic Railway of the World” to the White Pass summit. Begin your excursion as you board the train in Skagway and travel 20 miles from tidewater, to the Summit of the White Pass – a 2,865 foot elevation.

Amtrak Vacations
Train vacation options are limitless: New York. Miami. Chicago. San Francisco. Chicago to Seattle, Los Angeles to San Francisco, New York to Washington ...
Vacations By Rail offers the largest selection of independent rail vacations, escorted rail tours, luxury rail journeys and custom train vacations.
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The Grand Canyon Railway Grand Canyon
Journey to Grand Canyon National Park aboard Grand Canyon Railway and take a trip back in time to America's most recognized natural wonder.
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A US train vacation can be a destination in itself. While flying is faster, it does not give you the same benefits that trains do. Train getaways offer the freedom to travel in a space where there’s room to walk, dine and sleep at your leisure. Modern trains provide full-service transportation with guided tours at nearly every stop. These are more like a cruise than something that just gets you from point A to B.

The major provider of US train vacation is Amtrack. It offers train vacation packages for almost every taste and region of the country. There are even specific tours to highlight seasonal changes. See the fall colors in New England followed by a stop in Boston for great food. Head to the Grand Canyon Arizona and observe the amazing hues of the Valley of Fire as you head to Las Vegas. All of this can be done by driving, but that means doing all the work yourself.

Freedom from worry is the best part of US train travel. You have a constantly changing view without concern over other drivers or the location of the next rest stop. Rest and relax with a drink in your hand while the landscape rolls by. There are no traffic stops and plenty of leg room, and you’ll find that generally prices favor the frugal. Even week-long US train vacation are simple affairs. Unlike the movies sleeping accommodations aren’t ugly bunks with only a curtain giving you privacy. The small private cabins offer many luxuries, within the limits of train space. The staff consists of more than just a conductor who punches tickets. Waiters and other staff keep you as comfortable as you would be in any hotel. The difference is that this hotel is moving you along to new sights, and you don’t have to do anything but sit back and enjoy.

Another advantage to US train vacation travel is that you need not worry over weather. Few conditions can stop a powerful engine like the train’s. Where a driver might have to pull over and wait for a snowstorm to end, or a plane would be grounded, a train will stay the course. Winter in the Rocky Mountains is beautiful and now more accessible thanks to the increase in passenger service. Summer heat in the desert is no longer something that requires multiple stops for relief as the food car cold beverages is readily available, as is air conditioning.

For foodies, you’ll never suffer through a boxed meal on a US train vacation. Your train vacation includes a dining car with a selection of five star dining, as well as snacks. Take sure to ask about deals with local establishments along the route, as many rail lines and restaurants work together to make your trip even more enjoyable.

Your romantic train getaway lasts as long as you choose. Another perk of seeing the country by train is that you can make arrangements to return home almost anywhere along the route, or return to the start and pick up your car and do the drive home yourself. Flexibility is the name of the game, as is taking a little more time to enjoy the experience.

Colorado Train Vacation: A legendary US Train Vacation is The Durango-Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad which is the gateway to the spectacular vistas of the San Juan Mountains. Take a on a Colorado train vacation on the coal-fired, steam-powered locomotive winds through spectacular & breathtaking canyons in its remote wilderness.

Other great train vacations in the US: Alaska train vacation.

But don't stop there -- there are plenty of romantic train vacations all around the world.

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