Top 10 Tips for a Las Vegas Wedding

by Al Schoffstoll

1. Big hotel rooms book up quickly - especially on weekends – so pick a few dates and hotels and reserve the ones you want. You can always cancel and keep the one you want.

2. If you’re having a reception, reserve a few spots before you finalize the ceremony. There is usually less availability for reception venues, since the reception takes up most of a day or evening for set-up, reception, and break down.

3. Book your ceremony after you have a few reception times reserved. There are more times and spaces open for ceremonies, since they take up less time. It will be easier to coordinate your ceremony and reception this way.

4. Order the cake yourself; it is a lot cheaper and someone will have to pick it up because they cannot deliver the cake to the hotel without an added cost incurred. Moreover, there is an extra tax if you do not pick the cake up yourself.

5. If you rent tuxedos, look at a large company like Men’s Wearhouse. They can fit any body in any state, and you can pick the suits up anywhere – not just where you get fitted.

6. If your reception party is small (30 or less): There are many large hotel rooms that would be great for a reception. You don’t have to worry about being done within a certain time period which, means you can party as long as you want. Additionally, you don’t have to move on, or even walk to your hotel room, because you’re already there.

7. Food that is catered from the hotel is easy, but you don’t get a lot for your money. If the hotel helps in any way, they will tax you per bottle of liquor and food.

8. Don’t worry about getting anything dry-cleaned until you get to your hotel where you can hang it in the closet and not touch it until you put it on.

9. Think about where your ceremony and your reception are located in relation to each other. If they are in two different places, there will be travel time to consider. You might need a charter bus, or keep it within walking distance if possible. If the venues are outside during the summer, it will be hot. Think about misters outside, or some type of party favor that will keep your guests cool.

10. The last but most important thing to consider when planning your wedding is this is YOUR day – no one else’s - so don’t let anybody’s schedule seem more important than yours, because it’s not. Everyone should cater to you and your needs for when and where you want your wedding.

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