Two Epic Texas Romantic Getaways For Two

Big Bend and Canyon Lake for Getting Away From the City Lights

If you are looking for Texas romantic getaways that are away from the busy cites then Big Bend National Park and Canyon Lake are two excellent options. Here is what you need to know about accommodation, dining options and things to do for couples.

Texas Romantic Getaways: Big Bend National Park

Most people think of Texas as made of rugged deserts, filled with cactus and stark beauty. If this is what you are looking for -- than Big Bend National Park is the place to go to find those images.

Big Bend National Park is not a luxury resort. It is where you go to see the world as it is with as little interference from humanity as possible. There is a chance to see nature and appreciate the beauty and scope of this magnificent desert with someone you love.

Planning Your Texas Romantic Getaways in Big Bend.

Getting to the park requires a little planning and effort. There are no public transportation systems, such as nearby airports, which provide fast access. Driving to the park is the only option for visitors. The most convenient way to get to the park is to take a train to the town of Alpine and rent a car for the 100-mile trip to the park. Given the distances involved, you should make sure you are using a well maintained and air conditioned vehicle. This is desert country and a breakdown means several hours before help arrives.

Accommodation for Big Bend Texas Romantic Getaways

The park has Chisos Mountains Lodge, which provides dining, rooms and separate cottages.

For some couples, renting an RV insures privacy and travel all in one. Camping out is also an option, but be sure to check with the park personnel on where to stay

When planned out, a visit to Big Bend is an amazing way to get away from the urban life. The desert is full of unexpected life and amazing views. The sun-baked land can surprise you with how beautiful it is. Since Texas romantic getaways are about the two of you do take advantage of the remoteness and tell people that you will be out of touch due to poor reception in the park.

Some noted dangers -- Big Bend in not a municipal park. Do take precautions -- the park is a desert environment.

Canyon Lake Texas Romantic Getaways

The official Canyon Lake website is run by the Army Corps of Engineers and fails to highlight the romance. However, you can find out that the lake is the result of a flood control and water conservation project started in 1958.

Sine then, Canyon Lake is one of the most popular destinations for water lovers in the state of Texas. The area is a recreation destination for the center of Texas where most people expect desert. It can be a special place for couples with a budget who want to get out of the concrete jungle.

Things to do on Canyon Lake Texas Getaways

There are several places to rent boats and jet skis. These often provide lessons, as well as tours of the lake. Sailing on the lake is a perfect way to relax.

Water skiing is very popular. As with most fresh water lakes, there are very few waves when the wind is calm. This gives even novices a comfortable place to learn and improve their skills. The jet skis and wave riders can give an exciting ride to people of almost any age and level of comfort on the water.

A very interesting result of the man made lake is that the overflow channels created a gorge, which revealed dinosaur tracks and fossils. This same gorge also became a new water source for regional plants and animals, as well as several species of fish that were thought to be in decline. Tours of this newly created fresh water resource are available.

Dining & Texas Getaways for Two

There are multiple small restaurants and roadside places that serve famous Texas food, none of them particularly stand out for fine cuisine. For more formal dining on your Texas romantic getaways, head to the nearby city of New Braunfels.

Myron's Prime Steak House in New Braunfels is one of the most favorably reviewed restaurants in the area. They are open for dinner hours only and reservations are necessary, but well worth it!

Texas Romantic Getaways: Accommodation.

With the closeness to San Antonio, some couples choose to stay at one of the hotels closer to, or even in the city itself. This does have advantages; San Antonio is a wonderful place for couples, especially the River Walk area.

The Gruene Mansion Inn is a very popular place to stay and it’s only half an hour from the lake. Your choices range from the mansion to a converted carriage house and barns. Turned into wonderful quarters with separate entrances, these rustic accommodations insure both comfort and privacy.

To Canyon Lake Texas Romantic Getaways from San Antonio

Getting to Canyon Lake is simple; the lake is less than an hour drive to the north of San Antonio International Airport. If you have not arranged with a resort for transportation, car rentals are immediately available.

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