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A Corpus Christi, Texas romantic getaway is one of the best opportunities to experience both Texas hospitality and the fantastic waters of the western Gulf of Mexico. A beach vacation can be the ideal way to spend time together. The climate here is made for surfing, sun bathing and when the sun sets; the city may inspire a romantic walk along the shore.

Romantic Hotels in Corpus Christi, Texas

Omni Hotel: When you arrive in Corpus Christi, one of the most beautiful places to stay is the Omni Hotel. This magnificent building is modern, full service and the views of the Gulf from the rooms are simply astounding. Do ask for an ocean view room when you make your reservations. There are actually two hotels, one is the Bayfront and the other is the Marina. Both have the same attention to detail and comfort, but offer slightly different facings. The choice is up to you.

Corpus Christi, Texas Romantic Getaway: Dining Venues for Two

If you do choose to stay at the Omni, the Republic of Texas Bar and Grill is located on the 20th floor. While the name suggests a roadside bar -- this is one of the premier restaurants in Texas. They are open only for dinner service and you should make reservations as soon as possible. This restaurant is quite popular with hotel guests and visitors to the area, especially for its seafood. The pan seared fresh catch of the day is always a welcome surprise.

Corpus Christi is known for its celebrations. A perfect example is the annual “Buc Days”, which is officially known as Buccaneer Days. During the last week of April, there are pirates, an old fashioned carnival and general good natured mayhem as people let loose their inner buccaneer. It is considered polite to speak like a pirate, but only if you do it poorly. Eye patches are optional but they do ask that you curb your parrot.

Known for local flavor, seaside towns often have unique shops and marketplaces. The Marble Slab Creamery is somewhere that you cannot miss. With outlets all over the US, this will make you feel like a kid as you continue your romance hand in hand. This being Texas, we advise plenty of napkins. The sun seems to shine slightly hotter when you have an ice cream cone.

South Padre Island -- recommend by locals for a vacation for two or a Texas romantic getaway.

Located on the tropical tip of Texas, South Padre Island is bordered by the Gulf of Mexico and the Laguna Madre Bay. Beautiful beaches, warm Gulf waters, fishing, boating, bird watching, shopping, and a diversity of year-round activities await every couple.

Once you are done with the casual strolling portion of your vacation, there are ways of seeing the coast without having to use your feet at all. Horses On The Beach is not the name of a bad country song. One of the best aspects is that experienced riders can just pick a direction. There are no designated trails. The two of you can take a section of the beach and enjoy riding through the surf.

The laid-back atmosphere and the beaches are reason enough to visit the island on your Texas romantic getaway. There are two distinct sides to this barrier reef island. When you want waves in your pictures, head to the east side of the island. This side is directly on the Gulf and early in the day the sun can provide wonderful backgrounds. In the evening, you can get sunset views on the west side

The west side faces towards the mainland. The waters on this side are calmer and relatively wave less. This gives you a serene place to sip a cold drink and spend the evening watching the sun set across the bay.

For more action on your Texas romantic getaway, you can head to the east side, where surfers and boogie boarders entertain while you feed each other strawberries and peruse the Gulf of Mexico.

With multiple types of accommodations, many couples choose to stay on the island rather than commute across the causeway to the mainland. The types of lodgings range from the highly rated Palms Resort, which has rated near the top of the reviews for hotels on the island for several years, to beachside cottages.

If you choose to stay in a cottage for several days, you should either stop for groceries before driving onto the island or plan to make a trip back. There is only one small grocery store available, so the selection is slightly limited. Most of the couples that take a cottage will forgo cooking and eat at the local restaurants. It is supposed to be a vacation after all.

Windjammer’s Beachfront Café is open from 5pm until 10pm and features amazing seafood dishes. They also offer a breakfast buffet on weekends.

Things to do for Couples on South Padre Island, Texas Romantic Getaway

Besides all of the usual beach town activities, such as sailing, surfing, snorkeling and all those other “s” words that couples enjoy doing on a romantic getaway, there is horseback riding on the island. For novices, lessons and guides are available. Experienced riders can rent a horse and just go. There are no trails, so you can explore to your heart’s content. Even the horses are casual here.

Timing is important if you are looking for alone time on your romantic getaways in Texas. Spring break is one of the busiest times on the island. The free shuttles that run along town can have a difficult time getting through the crowds and parties. These start in mid March and can run through until early May. The locals and many mainland Texans know that the real relaxation runs in the winter, starting in mid September and lasting through to the start of the college student invasions. While the water can get a little chilly late in the winter, early on it stays warm enough to encourage relief from the ever-present sun.

Getting to South Padre Island, Texas Romantic Getaway

Take Highways 77 and 281 from the north and 83 from the west to get to the Island. Then, east on Texas State Highway 100. The drive over from downtown Corpus Christi is measured in minutes.

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