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From thriving metropolitan cities to heritage centers and battlefield sights, there is plenty to do and see in on Tennessee honeymoon, some of which may surprise you. If you want to vacation somewhere that’s been the backyard to everyone from Davy Crockett, Casey Jones, and Buford Pusser to Elvis Presley, then we foresee a Tennessee vacations in your future.

Tennessee Honeymoon Sights & Sounds

West Tennessee Delta Heritage Center
Located in Brownsville, Tennessee this is where a happy couple can go if they really want a taste and feel of the area’s history and natural resources. The Center has several exhibitions that are “slice of life” in Tennessee, including a music museum, a river museum, a cotton museum, and the Sleepy John Estes’ house, who was known for singing’ the blues. You won’t be blue, however, when you stroll through the artisan center to buy local crafts including pottery and woodworking pieces. You can also enjoy the visual appeal of the Hatchie River here – a waterway that has not been tinkered with by humans, and which is home to a variety of wildlife.

Tennessee Honeymoon Memphis Musings

One of the main cities to which people from all over the world gravitate including newlyweds on their Tennessee honeymoon is Memphis. This city is legendary to music lovers having given birth to the blues on Beale Street. Definitely take the time to walk this street where you’ll find hoppin’ night clubs, great shopping, and even a few parks where you can “set for a spell.”

Besides Beale Street, many couples on their Tennessee honeymoon flock to Graceland to peek at Elvis Presley’s home. Graceland offers tours where you can see the entertainer’s trophies. By the way if you’re having a winter wedding, Christmas at Graceland is truly spectacular.

A slightly dark note in Memphis history, it was at the Lorraine Motel on Mulberry Street where Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated. History, nor the locals here, have not forgotten that moment. There stands a National Civil Rights Museum as a reminder of our past. After a tour of the museum do something a little more upbeat – go downtown and hop on a traditional paddle boat as it moves up the Mississippi. Bring some mint julep.

Central Tennessee Honeymoon
No matter where you go on Tennessee vacations there seems to be music. For Country lovers, one must is the Grand Ole Opry house where you can hear some of the songs that may have made you fall in love in the first place. When you’re done with a musical review, swing over to the Jack Daniel Distillery for a little “liquid gold.” This facility offers guided tours daily.

For history buffs, take your partner and walk the Antebellum Trail together to see the site of various Confederate skirmishes. Along the way you’ll be treated to beautiful countryside views complete with romantic waterfalls and riverbeds.

Nashville Tennessee Honeymoon
Again with the music! It seems everywhere you go in Tennessee you’ll be humming something. Nashville is called, “Music City USA” thanks in part to being the home of the Country Music Hall of Fame (this alone takes up a full block!). That’s not all the city has to offer for your Tennessee honeymoon, however.

When you look at many of the buildings in Nashville you’ll think you took a wrong turn and ended up in Greece – Athens specifically. There’s even a life-size rendering of the Parthenon in Centennial Park that boasts a state of Athena that’s the biggest indoor statue in the Western hemisphere. For art lovers on a Tennessee honeymoon, you’ll also find the Cowan Collection of classic American paintings.

Some of the museums in Nashville focus on plantation history, while others feature timeless paintings by artists like Renoir, O’Keeffe, and Picasso. 

If you’re thinking you’d like to spend some of your Tennessee vacations time in this area try the Gaylord Opryland Hotel for an experience of a lifetime. This building has an indoor ¼ mile river and passenger boats. Note however to check ahead of time. The building sometimes has to close due to regional flooding.

Nashville has a variety of events throughout the year. Of interest to Tennessee honeymooners might be the Latin Music Street Fair in April, and the Music City Summer Festival  that runs from late May to September.

We have really just skimmed the surface of Tennessee honeymoon adventures. You can to Eastward and walk where Daniel Boon frequented, or on a Chattanooga romantic getaway to tour the freshwater aquarium there. There’s also Knoxville with the World’s Fair Park and great Farmer’s market, and even Dollywood for ardent fans of the Queen of Country.

center>Enjoy your romantic Tennessee Vacations or Honeymoon!


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