Romantic Tahiti Honeymoon

Are you getting married and trying to find the ideal romantic destination spot?

Have you ever considered taking a romantic Tahiti honeymoon? The entire French Polynesian region is a feast for the eyes and souls of lovers and one of the world's dream top honeymoon destinations. On your island vacations you’ll be treated to numerous isolated beaches, towns and cities rich in history and culture, and some of the best sunset spots in the entire world.

Secluded Romantic Island Honeymoon Vacations

tahiti-tahaa-bungalowsThe magic of Tahiti vacations as a honeymoon retreat lies in the water and a romantic beach getaway. If you swing over to Moorea or Bora Bora the ocean there is crystalline blue against a breathtaking backdrop of richly colored tropical flowers and towering palm trees. Since Tahiti is in the South Pacific, you can be certain to have warm breezes and plenty of sun for those honeymooners looking to just get away from it all and lay in the sun enjoying an umbrella drink on romantic islands.

A Taste of Two Worlds:

For couples interested in culture on their exotic romantic vacations, a Tahiti honeymoon offers a fusion of two worlds – French and Polynesian. That means you’ll have incredible, sophisticated dining options no matter where you go. Definitely try the outdoor cafés and some good French wine. In terms of activities for couples, there’s certainly no lack!


You can fish, jet ski, swim, kayak, and scuba dive. If you get a chance, snorkeling is highly recommended so you can glimpse the coral reefs and tropical fish that surround Tahiti’s lagoons. If you’re a land lover, try a glass-bottomed boat instead. There are also various locations at which you can feed stingrays or sharks, or watch for dolphins.

Places to go, Things to do and See on a Tahiti Honeymoon:

Marvelous landscapes of Tahiti, Moorea, and Bora Bora, the archaeological wonders of Huahine, the untouched Polynesian life of Raiatea and Taha'a, the drift diving of Rangiroa, and the enigma of the Marquesas make Tahiti a dream romantic vacation.


Most couples travel a long way to get to their romantic Tahiti honeymoon, so take the time to see some of the highlights around the region. There is more to Tahiti than Bora Bora, other secluded romantic island honeymoon vacations can be found on Moorea, Maupiti, Tetiaroa, Huahine, Raiatea, Taha'a, Fakarava, Nuku Hiva, Rangiroa, Manihi and Tikehau.

Two cruise ships/luxury liners currently ply the islands: the Paul Gauguin, which does a regular 7-day trip around the Societies, with occasional trips out to the Tuamotus, Marquesas and Cook Islands; and the Tahitian Princess which does similar itineraries.

The Bora Bora Cruises is a more intimate vessel based in the Leeward Islands. Or for more adventure, embark on the Aranui III.

Star Flyer, be the first modern-day tall-ship to make its home year-round in French Polynesia, voyaging to the legendary Society Islands and the remote Tuomotus, will soon offer personal explorations of islands.


If you go to Moorea, for example, there’s actually a floating restaurant called Linareva. Here you’ll be treated to a “Champagne Love Bird Dinner” – complete with music and hospitality.

On Tahiti proper you may want to go to the Faatautia Valley, a spot favored by film makers for its majestic scenery. Or, perhaps visit the Arahoto Blowholes on the coastline, which are effectively Tahiti’s version of a geyser. A third popular honeymoon tourist spot on your Tahiti vacation is the Faarumai waterfall that cascades down over 1,000 feet.

tahiti-vacationsMoving out of the Northern region, visit Maraa Grotto on the south coast. Here you can walk through lava tubes that twist and turn, revealing all manner of surprises like small waterfalls. Good time to steal a kiss!

For couples who want to hike or take a long walk on their Tahiti vacation or honeymoon, check out Aorai. This is the highest peak in Tahiti, and offers some of breathtaking views. If you’re tired of the heat, you’ll be cooler here and also find some privacy. Most people seem to stick to the beaches, so if you want to be alone – this is a perfect spot.

More Romantic Things to Do and See on a Tahiti Honeymoon.

Les Trois Cascades: Three beautiful waterfalls inside the island of Tahiti Nui.

Pointe Venus Lighthouse: Black sand beach and clear blue water by a fishing reef.

Botanical Garden/Gauguin Museum: At Papeari, on the west coast, the botanical garden made by Harrison Smith lies alongside the Gauguin Museum in the magical setting of the Motu Ovini.

Arahurahu Marae: A restored religious site containing various stone block structures dedicated to the old gods and where important ceremonies used to take place.

To'ata: A square with small restaurants and also the place to be for the July celebrations with dance and traditional music, the Heiva I Tahiti.

Shop till you Drop on Tahiti honeymoons or romantic Tahiti vacations?

When your Tahiti Honeymoon comes to a close you’ll want a few souvenirs. By far the best place to shop is Papeete on the Northern coast, which also happens to be the capital city.


Here you’ll have several venues from which to choose including the Marche Municipale (very well priced) and Centre Vaima (somewhat like a mall).

Best time to go on Tahiti island vacations

Tahiti is a dram vacation all year round. The tropical climate is ideal for both a summer and winter destinations. The average ambient temperature is 80°F (27°C) and the waters of the lagoons average 79°F (26°C) in the winter and 84°F in the summer.

Summer is from November through April, with a warmer and more humid climate and winter is from May to October, when the climate is slightly cooler and drier.

Romantic Hotels on Your Tahiti Honeymoon Vacation

Le Meridien Tahiti, Punaauia,

Le Meridien Tahiti, Punaauia, -- Situated in the heart of the Punaauia region, Le Mridien Tahiti overlooks white sand beaches, calming blue waves, and commanding mountains.

Radisson Plaza Resort Tahiti, Arve,

Radisson Plaza Resort Tahiti, Arve, -- Set amidst a tropical garden on the beautiful black sands of Lafayette Beach, Radisson Plaza Resort Tahiti is an idyllic retreat in Papeete.

Getting to a Tahiti Romantic Beach Getaway

With its location halfway between California and Australia Tahiti vacations are a 7.5 hours flight from Los Angeles and 12 hours from New York, Tahiti. Aircalin, Air France, Air New Zealand, Air Tahiti Nui, Hawaiian Airlines, Lan Chile Airlines, and Qantas Airways all have flights to Tahiti.


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