Sunshine Coast BC is the most romantic place ever!

by Theressa Logan
(Coquitlam, BC, Canada)

Our pilot from Tofino Air

Our pilot from Tofino Air

My partner and I hopped on a float plane from Vancouver to Sechelt which flew passed stunning coast lines and the beaches. We started the afternoon with a kayaking trip, but it wasn't just any kayaking trip it was an interpretive kayaking trip lead by this fabulous woman Candace. Members of the Sechelt First Nations paddled with us along the shores of Poirpose bay drumming and chanting as Candace talked of the rich history of the Sechelt First Nations people, it gave me goose bumps. Then we went a quaint little cottage that was literally 20 from the ocean, and then we saw the most breathtaking thing imaginable, a grey whale feeding off the krill literally 50 feet away! After sitting in the jetted soaker tub out on the deck we sat and watched the night sky which was sparkling with more stars than I have ever seen and the moon was massive. The next morning we hit the beaches in Roberts Creek and ate the best carrot cake ever at this little coffee shop that looked like a old western saloon, the icing was 3 inches thick and was made of all organic ingredients. We drove down the coast back to the ferries where we sailed across to Vancouver as the sun was setting. I highly recommend the Sunshine Coast for a romantic getaway.

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