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Romantic Spa Vacations


Experiencing romantic spa vacations is much different than conceptualizing a vacation. Destination spas are not just “destinations” per say, they offer fantastic facilities for relaxation and de-stressing. When you feel like you need new batteries, or to get your shoulders out of your ear lobes.

Find Spas Near You – head for romantic spa getaways or a romantic spa weekend.

Taking some personal time to nurture body, mind and spirit leaves you refreshed. That means returning to all the things you love with a whole new outlook and energy.

Spa getaways industry growth means having a lot of choices available, many of which will be close to home. Good hotels around the world now combine their normal amenities with destination spas so guests get the ultimate in relaxation combined with whatever business or personal matter brought them in the first place.

Choosing a romantic resort for spa getaways, or even a short-term visit known as a day spa, boils down to much the same considerations as planning a normal vacation, with a few other things in the mix. Location is important, but not as much so as some other vacations. Think of romantic spa vacation based on its services, not the location. Certainly you want a quiet space and privacy (perhaps with a little local night life mixed in), but overall spas are more enclosed – you need not go anywhere once you arrive. 

The keynote to any spa getaway is service. The most popular offerings for couples spa vacations include various massages, yoga classes, exercise spaces, etc.. Ask if the personalized services are in your own room or a dedicated room. Both spaces require specific equipment to deliver quality massages, for example. Additionally, not everyone likes being in public spaces for relaxation methodologies. If privacy helps you relax, make sure you get it.

For those who enjoy ski resort spa getaways, try a sauna or hot tub that gives you immediate access to the outside air. While at first glance the idea seems counter to the concept of relaxing, the fresh air connecting with your skin invigorates and refreshes. This should be done quickly and for a very short amount of time. Some mountain spas have hot tubs outside, insuring that guests receive the full benefit of this experience.

Tropical spa getaways offer access to the sea, which to many people is relaxing enough, but a soak in a therapeutic bath followed by a swim in the surf, then lying under shade with the sounds of the ocean and wind – well, we’d be happy to have that kind of relaxing spa getaways. Top beach spa getaways provide of this within arm's reach so all you have to do pick up the phone and order services.

All inclusive spa resorts supply one other feature – the ability to have both privacy and socialization as desired, and all with a total price you know in advance. Couples spa vacations are for getting away from the everyday.

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