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Couple Travels to South Africa for Adventure, Romance, Culture and Discovers and Pristine Nature

Adventurous, romantic, overwhelming and grand – four adjectives to describe a South Africa vacation. Out of all his trips, Daniel still ranks a travel to South Africa in his top 5 best places to visit.

What ever your ambitions are on your South Africa vacation, you can be certain that your wildest dreams can be realized. -- South Africa is one of the most stunning places on earth. From the forests to desert, from the coast to the highlands. You can find it all in South Africa.

Romantic hotels and things to do and see in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Cape town, Kruger park, Sanbona Wildlife Reserve ...

Romantic Places to Stay on a South Africa vacation:


The Saxon Hotel & Spa has been voted the World's Leading Boutique Hotel for the last six consecutive years... The Egoli Suites are luxuriously furnished with romantic open-plan bedrooms and bathrooms with comfortable lounge and in-room dining areas. The wine cellars, with their enchanting ambiance also serve as exclusive dining areas for couples accompanied by a bottle of vintage wine from some of the world’s most renowned estates.


Cape Town
The Steenberg Hotel is situated on the Cape’s oldest farm in the picturesque Constantia Valley, a twenty-minute drive from the bustling heart of Cape Town.

Steenberg has been named Leading Wine Estate in South Africa at the World Travel Awards in 2007. With its cool, sea-facing slopes and majestic granite ridges, this vineyard has developed a worldwide reputation for producing excellent Cape wines.

Sanbona Wildlife Reserve

Dwyka Tented Lodge at the Sanbona Wildlife Reserve -- luxurious and secluded tents exude an atmosphere of pioneering adventure in vast landscape.

Also on offer are great Wedding Packages for couples who would like to combine their South Africa honeymoon with a wedding.

Places in South Africa

Both modern cities and grand nature can be part of a South Africa vacation. You can disappear in the luxury build by mankind with concrete shopping centers or you can loose your self in the biggest natural park on the planet.


A South Africa vacation usually starts when you land in Johannesburg . But there are also many international flights to Cape Town. It does not really matter which airport you take, as you will need both cities to discover South Africa. I will explain to you how I fell in love with this amazing country.

Places in South Africa: Johannesburg.

If you didn’t book a hotel before your travel to South Africa, no worries. There are literally tens of people waiting to offer you affordable and budget accommodation. If you did book accommodation before your travel to South Africa, you will still be overwhelmed by people offering you hotel rooms for very reasonable prices. The competition is big and the overall quality is good.

Johannesburg is the financial and business capital of South Africa. There are not really interesting things to see but it is a great hub to visit the National Kruger Park, Soweto, Mozambique and Swaziland.

Travel to South Africa is generally safe but ,this has to be said, visiting Johannesburg you ought to take some reasonable precautions -- do not walk alone in the streets in this city, it’s is asking for trouble.


One of the things not to be missed on a South Africa vacation is the museum of Apartheid -- one of the best and interactive museums in the world. A second place that should be visited in Jo-burg is Soweto.

This is the most famous township of the world and the home of tow Nobel price winners. Nelson Mandele and Desmond Tutu. You can visit his old house which hosts now a small museum. A small warning here though, a visit to Soweto should not been done unguided. There are tours for sale. Do not go there on your own.

Pretoria South Africa

Most people don’t linger too long in Johannesburg and usually leave the city for Pretoria which is a 40 minutes drive from there.

Pretoria is worth a two-day trip on your South Africa vacation. During these two days you will be able to visit most of the Afrikaanse monuments, museums and enjoy your first `builtong`.

A typical South Africa food -- sort of dried meat that is very popular among the whole population. You will find this South African snack everywhere.

Wild animals in Africa

Pretoria South Africa is also a very good hub to go to the National parks. You can either go to the official Kruger park or go to one of the many unofficial parks that can be found around the Kruger park.

It does not make a big difference for the wild animals in Africa as there are no borders between the parks. If you want to see a lot of wild animals in Africa, the un official parks offer the best shot. But it does not mean that Kruger Park should not be visited. Rhino’s are often only to be seen in the North of this park. But lion, buffalo, wildebeest, elephant and leopard the rarest of the big five) can be found in all the parks.

I was lucky on our South Africa vacation to see both a male and female leopards in the wild and I must admit. -- it is a marvelous animal. You will also see plenty of elephants, lions in action, giraffes, buffalo’s and wildebeests on your South Africa vacation.


I suggest taking one of the many guided South Africa tours . – the guides will go into the bushes and make sure the customer is satisfied with the excursion.

You should do at least one morning and one evening game. That is how a safari is called in South Africa. We stayed in a park without electricity, which was just in the jungle and open to Wild animals in Africa. In the morning our guide showed us the tracks of wildlife that entered our camp during the night. No worries -- it is exiting. We even had wild life (bats) in our room., it was quite amusing and they don’t bite.


Stay at least a few days in a park, participate in two games and take a walk in the nature with one of the guides. They will protect you from everything that could go wrong. One of the other tourists asked our super trooper with a gigantic riffle on his shoulder if this riffle would stop an elephant. His simple but sufficient answer was that it would stop anything that lives on earth. I believed him on his word.

From Kruger park you are quite close to Maputo and Swaziland. I have been told that the capital of Mozambique is worth visiting. You will see the difference between the rich South Africans and the extremely poor country of Mozambique. But don’t let this scare you. After all, your Dollars ( or Euro`s) make a difference.


Swaziland was by far the most bizarre place in Africa that I have visited.

It is a mall enclave surrounded by South Africa and the local king marries another wife every few years. -- he has about 20 wives by now.

It is beautifully situated in hills and it is completely green. Local craftsman create glass work, candles and lots more cultural objects. Passing the boarder is an experience. They will manually open the gate for you and the stamp in your passport is already worth the visit.


Romantic Getaway Ideas for a South Africa Vacation

Visit Cape of Good Hope situated in the 22 100 hectare Table Mountain National Park, a natural World Heritage Site. Its one of the highest sea cliffs in the world – 249 m above sea level and the most southwesterly point of Africa.

Romantic things to do on a romantic Cape of Good Hope getaway.

Swimming at Bordjiesrif and Buffels Bay tidal pools.
Walking numerous scenic walks and trails.
Whale and dolphin watching from May to November.
The funicular – scenic trips to the old lighthouse.
Dine at one of the two world class Oceans Restaurant with spectacular vistas over False Bay.

The Blue Train signature route is between Pretoria and Cape Town. It is one of the most luxurious train journeys in the world -- luxury suites, elegant lounges, fine dining and a a butler on call to attend to your every need. Each suite has its own bathroom with either a shower or bath. There are two luxury coaches which both have three suites with bathrooms fitted with tubs. Also, find out their about Special Packages --

Blue Train routes:
• the main Pretoria-Cape Town service
• The Durban route takes couples from Pretoria to Zimbali Lodge in Durban.
• Pretoria to Bakubung Game Lodge

Check out other romantic train vacations around the world.

After Pretoria, Jo-burg and Kruger, you have a few options to continue your South Africa vacation. Either you can fly to Port Elisabeth or you fly directly to Cape Town. There are a few more options like Durban and Bloemfontein, that you might want to consider if you are not pressed for time.

We decided on flew to Cape town and discovered the area from there. Do visit the old town, the waterfront and Robben Island. Climb the table mountain, that will take you a day if you do it on your own legs. But there is a lift available that will bring you to the top in 10 minutes.

Cape Town is an amazing city. It is beautifully located in a nice bay. From the water or from Robben Island you have an impressive view on the city and its mountain.

Only 3 hours from Cape Town, Sanbona boasts 54 000 hectares of undulating mountains and plains, indigenous flora and fauna, rock formations and rock art.

A South Africa vacation destination not to be missed.

Sanbona is home to white lions and big game as well as the rare riverine rabbit. The White Lion Project at Sanbona that aims to return white lions to the wild has been heralded a success. This makes Sanbona home to the only free-roaming white lions in the world.

One of the true joys of Sanbona is the freedom to do nothing at all in absolute luxury. But for those who choose to venture beyond the comfort of the luxury lodge accommodation, a world of new experiences awaits....


From the city you can easily visit the wine area Stellenbosh. It is really worth it and the wine and food is amazing. Some more things to visit are the cape (80 km from Cape Town and the Gardener Route – Old Dutch houses at the coast. Plan at t at least a few days of your South Africa vacation for to explore this region.

Immediately around the city you have nice villages as Houtbaai and Campsbay . They are very nice and a little quieter then the buzzing city.


You find here pleasant beaches and excellent terraces, bars and restaurants. The palm trees make this a perfect romantic place on a getaway or a South Africa honeymoon.

South Africans are crazy about sports and you will find excellent accommodation for water and other sports. Don’t forget to do some whale or shark watching on your South Africa vacation.

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South Africa and specifically the Garden Route is a pristine area with amazing natural beauty. Information is provided to tourists on the Garden Route and includes accommodation, things to do, car hire, golfing, etc

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