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There are few people who have heard of a Seychelles Honeymoon or the Seychelles Islands. The remote archipelago off the east coast of Africa sits a little more under 1,000 miles to the east of mainland Africa and to the northeast of the large island of Madagascar.


Reaching the main island of this collection of 115 is best done by plane, though there are numerous cruise lines that have this tropical destination on their lists of ports of call. Regardless of how you arrive, arrive you should. There are few places like this for a couple who want a truly unique Seychelles Honeymoon.

Royal Hideaway

Its no wonder that Prince William and Kate Middleton stayed for 10 days in a luxury resort on a privately owned island in the Seychelles. The Duke and the Duchess honeymoon accommodation is costs upto 72,000 dollars a night.

Whether you rent the entire island or simply stay in one of the luxury villas in the Indian Ocean, a Seychelles honeymoon is truly the perfect romantic secret hideaway.

The islands are made up of two types, the granite which have higher geography, and the lower laying coral islands. The “inner islands” are all 41 granite islands and two of the coral, while the remaining 72 coral islands are the “outer islands”.

Of the inner islands, the three largest are Mahé, Praslin and La Digue. These three are the most populated and developed, with Mahé being home to the international airport and capital.

It is also the central hub for transportation to the other islands, as well as the location where the vast majority of the population lives. One thing you should look at while you are on Mahé is shopping.

There are cooks around the world who create magical dishes with the vanilla grown here, so you can get a great deal on fresh vanilla at the duty free shops. If cooking is not your forte, then relax at any one of the pristine beaches, with a little snorkeling and swimming the clear waters and coral reefs.

That way you can build up a real hunger to indulge at one of the 90 restaurants available.

The flavors of the island are defiantly French influenced with a strong Creole thread throughout. The seafood is amazing and should be sampled at every chance. It will add spice on your Seychelles Honeymoon.

Secluded Romantic Island Honeymoon Vacations


Island hopping is so common that there are constant ferry's and small planes to take you to which ever destination you choose.

The hotels also provide services to small islands that you should book ahead of time.

This is important because you are there on your Seychelles honeymoon and if you miss out on a day at a small tropical island that is reserved for just the two of you, the chance rarely comes along twice.

Other places have just as much to offer, but the smaller and more distant the island the dearer the price. You should check with your travel agent and set a budget. When you arrive at the hotel, you can get updated information and details on how best to get around. When ever possible, check with the hotel staff. They are there to make sure your stay is as stress free as possible.

Should you wish to own or to rent an entire island, Vladi Private Islands specializes in just that.

Farhad Vladi, owner of the island has said that it rented the secluded North Island to the royal family.

"We rented the island to the British royal family. Prince William and Kate are spending their honeymoon there," quoted Radar.

As for when to visit, there really is no off time to go to Seychelles. The weather year round is tropical and the trade winds do pick up around October through March, and then switch direction from May through September.

The summer months are when you should head to the islands if you want to go sailing and the surfing is outstanding.

The calmest time is in April, so you can choose what kinds of activities you want to enjoy. But keep in mind that no matter what time of year you go, the climate is year round wonderful, so it would never ruin your Seychelles Honeymoon.

There is so much to see in Seychelles, but the real treasure is that it will be a lasting memory for you. The world at large barely notices this remote out of the way collection of islands and that is really just fine. Having a few unspoiled places is never a bad thing and Seychelles is one of the best of those.

Interesting Facts About Seychelles.

The official languages of the country you will be hearing on your Seychelles honeymoon are English and French.

This reflects the colonial history of the islands. There was no native population, so everyone living here is descended from immigrants.

Their backgrounds include Indian, Chinese, English, and French. This makes this remote island nation one of the most diverse cultures you can find, yet with it's own distinct feel.

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