San Antonio Romantic Getaway for Two

Romantic Getaway Ideas From San Antonio, Texas: Romantic Texas Hill Country, Stoney Ridge Ranch, Wineries, Fredericksburg, Canyon Lake

Any San Antonio romantic getaway should take advantage of the city's Spanish roots and American creativity. San Antonio in Texas Hill Country is also one of the oldest continually inhabited places in the United States. With a population of over one and a quarter million people, the question is not what to do, but what is not there to do on your San Antonio romantic getaway ?

Top 3 Romantic Things to do in San Antonio

Here are some romantic things to do on your romantic vacation that come highly recommended by locals:

• A visit to the River Walk is almost a requirement on a San Antonio romantic getaway.

• Boudro's on East Commerce drive is one of the top 50 restaurants in the country according to Esquire Magazine and a perfect place for a memorable dinner for two.

• From there, the local nightlife ranges from a simple ice cream cone at Ben & Jerry's to excitement at any one of dozens of clubs and bars.

The city is rich with Spanish influence. Architecture and cuisine reflects this with a uniquely fusion of Spanish and Texas flavor. One wonderful exception is the Japanese Tea Gardens located next to Brackenridge Park. This garden is open to the public and features landscaping with splendid shaded walkways, a koi pond and an marvelous waterfall. The gardens have been local landmark and after the community rallied to have the park restored in 2008, it has become a symbol of pride. The simple beauty makes this a great place to stroll together while planning the rest of your San Antonio romantic getaway.

San Antonio Romantic Getaway & Carriage Rides

Romance and carriage rides go together in popular imagination like, well… Romance and carriage rides! Horse drawn carriage rides exist in almost every large city, but San Antonio has the King William Historical District where homes that date back to the late 1800’s are preserved and maintained. This is a ride filled with Victorian Era charm and elegance. Ladies, take a parasol; gentlemen, suit-up and offer your love a bouquet filled with gorgeous flowers.

A Local Recommendation for Your San Antonio Romantic Getaway

Visit the Culinary Institute of America you will be certain of excellent cuisine from both students and graduates. The campus has a list of recommended restaurants so you can find something perfect for your pallet.

One food-lover’s dream location is Café Paladar. The restaurant is the embodiment of Latin cuisine in San Antonio. Their Salmon Vera Cruz with Black Mussels is seafood decadence defined. Knowing that seafood, good health, and passion go hand in hand is only one reason to try it. The other is that the flavors are rich, perfectly spiced and not so heavy that you cannot find the energy to finish the evening of your San Antonio romantic getaway off with style.

San Antonio’s River Walk is one of the most romantic places to take a long stroll in the moonlight. It also happens to be where you can take in a live performance of one of the finest jazz bands in the US. The Jim Cullum Jazz Band plays nationally on National Public Radio and they call San Antonio home. The Landing is where you can catch their live show Tuesdays through Saturday nights. The music is a trip back through time to the era when you could turn on your radio and hear Benny Goodman, Louis Armstrong and original Dixieland jazz. This is an American original and a perfect place to end the night with a smile.

Romantic Vacation in Texas in and Around San Antonio

Here are some Romantic Getaway Ideas From San Antonio, Texas.: Romantic Texas Hill Country, Stoney Ridge Ranch, Wineries, Fredericksburg, Canyon Lake

Romantic Canyon Lake Getaway for Two

Almost midway between San Antonio and Austin is the wonderful Canyon Lake. With forests, wine vineyards and one of the most beautiful lakes in the state, this region becomes an annual event for many romance-minded couples.

An exceptional resort is the Lakehouse Bed & Breakfast. More of a full service hotel, the rooms vary in size, but all share the same subtle elegance. It is quaint, quiet, relaxing and like in much of the region, the night skies are bursting with stars.

Getting to Canyon Lake from San Antonio is simple; the lake is less than an hour drive to the north of San Antonio International Airport. If you have not arranged with a resort for transportation, car rentals are immediately available.

Stoney Ridge Ranch, Texas Hill Country

This romantic Texas destination is situated approximately a ninety minute drive to the west of San Antonio. Before heading out, make reservations as early on as you can. This simple and out of the way scenic resort is quite secluded and therefore popular with couples on a romantic honeymoon getaway.

The accommodations range from individual log cabins to a full home with a kitchen and balcony. The sunsets resonate with every color of red and yellow imaginable, and with a bottle of wine in front of the fireplace, you are sure to be building memories.

Romantic Fredericksburg Texas Getaway for Two

A romantic getaway a little more than an hour drive to the north west of San Antonio.

Fredericksburg Texas is not a bustling city center, nor is it the dusty ranch town that people expect. It is a place where the old Texas lives -- where people greet each other on the streets. Long walks window-shopping or through vineyards are not out of the ordinary.

As one of the largest cities in the center of the Lone Star state it not a typical vacation spot but it is great for a weekend getaway. With few crowds, prices are more reasonable and as long as you keep the secret, there is a place to escape to when the mood strikes.

Fredericksburg Texas in hill country is a hidden gem determined to give Southern hospitality a completely new meaning.

Respect for tradition is found everywhere in the city. There are small museums dedicated to Texas history within walking distance of almost anywhere you care to stay in town.

A good place for a stroll is the attractive Zen garden which the Japanese government donated to the National Museum of the Pacific War. The garden is a quiet place where you will come across some seclusion.

Multiple bed and breakfast inns throughout the town make privacy and comfort both easy to find and affordable for any budget. What is more important is the feeling of simple living and an easy pace. When you are here as a couple looking for slow walks through a small town, you get that and more.

Within minutes of town, you will find over a dozen wineries, each of which is contributing to the up and coming wine industry of Texas. The local vineyards emphasis is on quality, with strong ties to the traditions of early 19th century German immigrants who founded the town. Their cultivation left an amazing diversity of wines that has grown today into truly world-class excellence. A tour of the Singing Water Vineyards is reminiscent of a trip to an old world vineyard and the McReynolds Winery produces some of the best table wines in Texas.

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