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Tips For A Romantic Getaway or Weekend Break Lake Geneva Trip in Switzerlandeuropean-vacations-switzerland

Looking for romantic weekend breaks in Europe in the Lake Geneva region? Whatever you will do, you won't be disappointed. What more beautiful can there be than a romantic stroll along a beautiful lake on a warm day, with the Alps at the other side and a charming, yet mondain historical city behind your back?

Romantic Weekend Breaks in Europe:Geneva, Switzerland, is probably one of the most beautiful cities in the world and it owes much of its attraction to its splendid location. The Lake Geneva region spans multiple localities that are great to visit on a romantic European vacation, including Nyon, Lausanne, Vevey and Montreux, and it is surrounded by everything from tranquil beaches and verdant hills and fields with beautiful vineyards to snow-capped mountains.


In Geneva you can take a water taxi across the lake or spend some time in the old town. There you will find an amazing labyrinth lined with roundabout cobblestone streets and alleyways overflowing with charming boutiques, cafes and historical landmarks at each turn.

The city's rich history dates back more than 4000 years ago and there are ancient buildings and historic landmarks that quickly lead you back in time.

Another beautiful place to see is the spectacular Jet d'Eau fountain which shoots water to 460 feet into the air - an unbelievable sight. Around the picturesque lake, youll find The Promenades, which house sumptuous restaurants excellent for a romantic night out, street markets and also kiosks that sell tickets for water skiing, amusement rides and romantic lake cruises.

It's hard NOT to enjoy Geneva. But don't rule out some of the other cities in the romantic Lake Geneva region.

Lausanne and Montreux for Romantic Weekend Breaks in Europe.

Lausanne is almost as impressive as Geneva and can trace its history back to an ancient Roman camp just below the location of the present municipality. Montreux with its pleasant microclimate is worldwide known for its jazz festival. It is also famous for its Château de Chillon, a castle in a location that is guaranteed to leave you breathless.


When getting around the lake region, I recommend traveling by train as it will provide you with absolutely stunning views.

For example, the Route Express Lines travels over stunningly beautiful Alpine passes with views of snow-capped mountain peaks, and through idyllic valleys with charming villages. Or ride to Gruyères, an old castle village where they make the famous Gruyère cheese. Climb aboard, sit back and enjoy!

Chalets, villas and apartments for a romantic getaway or romantic weekend breaks in Europe in Switzerland


In the spectacular countryside of the romantic Lake Geneva region you will find chalets, villas and apartments of which many are for rent. And though the region is known for its international institutions, banks and jetsetters, there are numerous places to stay for every budget.

If you don't mind spending a few bucks on your romantic European vacation, I can recommend hotels such as Hotel Les Armures and Hotel d'Angleterre which offer lavishly decorated rooms irresistible to any romantic soul. Or stay in the Château d'Ouchy in Lausanne, a stunningly beautiful castle at the shore of the lake that is now a hotel.

Not good enough? Then stay at the Hotel du Mont-Blanc, located at the lakeshore in Morges, 45km from Geneva Airport. Here you can wake up and face the majestic Mont-Blanc as well as truly picturesque port.

If you are looking for a romantic getaway in the heart of Europe, Switzerland and the Lake Geneva region should be on top of your list.

The author of the "Tips For A Romantic Lake Geneva Trip in Switzerland" is Albrecht Bracher. He was born in Château d'Oex, Lake Geneva Region, Switzerland. Albrecht Bracher has traveled around the world in the Seventies and discovered many gorgeous places, but still feels that not many places on earth can rival his country's scenery.

Find out more about Lake Geneva, Switzerland vacations on his website: Discover Lake Geneva Switzerland

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