Take a Romantic Weekend Break in any of Five Popular European Destinations!

Take a Romantic Weekend Break in Paris, Prague, Venice, Amsterdam or Antwerp

Europe is perhaps the most romantic continent in the world. There are so many countries with different cultures and ways of expressing love, that when it's all meshed together, there's really nowhere that does it better. Therefore, it would only stand to reason that a European destination would be perfect for a weekend break with your significant other.


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If Europe is on your mind for that romantic weekend getaway, you'll be able to find everything you need and more in any of the following five European destinations:

France: Paris Romantic Weekend Break

As you probably already know, Paris is truly Europe's city of love! Just about anywhere you go and anything you do has an air of romance! From the beautiful architecture to secluded restaurants and breathtaking views, everything screams love.

As part of your trip to Paris, you should definitely try to get to the top of the Eiffel Tower and take a trip to Chateau de Versailles.

The benefit of choosing Paris for your weekend getaway is the fact that it's also very easy to get there. You can find connections from many of the major airports in the world.

Czech Republic: Prague Romantic Weekend Break

It's easy to see why this UNESCO World Heritage Site is so ideal for a romantic weekend getaway! The stunning backdrop of cobbled streets and historic palaces will stir up every ounce of love inside you. Touring the castle in the city and attending an orchestra should be on your list of things to do together.

An additional benefit of choosing Prague is the fact that it is economical where both accommodation and transportation are concerned.

Italy: Venice Romantic Weekend Break

There's one romantic activity you've probably heard about or seen on television, and have perhaps associated with Venice. That activity is taking a gondola ride. Imagine just the two of you sailing along the city's canals hand in hand in a gondola. There's nothing quite as romantic as that! With over 150 canals and many buildings along the route, you're bound to have a romantic time when you visit Venice.

If you're choosing Venice, you can expect to feel the love from the beginning to the end of your weekend getaway!

Holland: Amsterdam Romantic Weekend Break

Romance doesn’t always come in the form of secluded settings and strolls along the beach. Amsterdam can also be a romantic city for people interested in a hot and sexy weekend getaway. From the variety of museums, including the Van Gogh museum, to the world-renowned red light district, there's much for you to see and do as a couple in Amsterdam.

Another plus is the fact that there are actually more canals in Amsterdam than in Venice. Strolling around the canals in the evening when the street lights are reflecting in the water is truly magical!

The Dutch national airline, KLM, is based in Schiphol and is the largest airline group in the world: Book KLM to Europe and take advantage of incredible low fares.

Check out our Amsterdam weekend getaways page: full of romantic ideas — cozy restaurants and canal cafés, brilliant museums and charming architecture and Holland's signature flower-The tulip, adorning the flower markets.

Belgium: Antwerp Romantic Weekend Break

Ok we might be a bit bias about Antwerp as have lived there together for a couple of years. Antwerp is well known as the world diamond centre, trading 85% of the world’s production in rough diamonds and 55% of the polished variety globally. This makes it cheaper, yet more magical, to buy the jewel here than anywhere else, and it’s no surprise Diamond Land, the largest showroom in Antwerp, is a major attraction for soon-to-be engaged couples hoping to come home with an extra-special souvenir of their trip.

Another romantic detail is that Belgium is also synonymous with seduction by chocolate. Belgians have been making the world's finest chocolate for well over a century and locals simply regard good chocolate as an everyday part of like.

Check out our Belgium holidays page for more details on romantic getaways in Antwerp.

These five destinations barely scratch the surface of what Europe has in store for romantic vacationers on a romantic weekend getaway. There's so much more to see and do in Europe, but any of these cities would be a great place to start! Treat yourselves to the romantic break you need; you'll be happy you did!

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