Romantic Oregon Coast

While some lovers gravitate to tropical isles others look to the romantic Oregon Coast as the perfect retreat. While there might not be coconuts and palm trees, there’s more than enough scenery to create a virtual feast for your eyes.


Whether it’s a Oregon romantic weekend getaway or a honeymoon, the Oregon Coast does not disappoint. There is over 360 miles of coastline for you to explore here. And no need for back roads – just hop on Highway 101 and you can go anywhere you want.

For couples looking for a road trip, driving the coastline gives you a taste of the entire region and its activities. The entire romantic Oregon Coastline is an average driving time of 10 hours at 50 miles per hour.

Stops for golf, fresh seafood dining, and taking in a few of the cities of interest along the way make it a perfect Oregon romantic weekend getaway. My Ideal stop includes walk on the romantic Oregon Coast secluded beaches includes spotting translucent stones, Jaspers, Carnelians, Mosses, Clouds and others that range from clear to orange to a blue-gray color.

Weekend Getaway Oregon - Romantic Cities:

In the northern region of the Oregon Coast you’ll find Astoria. This is a city rich in history in that it’s the oldest settlement in America beyond the Rocky Mountains. If you and your partner enjoy museums, you don’t want to miss Astoria with the Heritage Center, the Columbia River Maritime Museum, and even a Fire Fighters Museum. You can also enjoy a little of the great outdoors at Fort Stevens State Park. By the way, let your latent fisherman play here. There are fishing charters where you can gather up a meal of salmon or crab!


Moving to the central area of the romantic Oregon Coast we find Lincoln City. If your inner child loves kite flying – come to Lincoln. It’s the kite capital of the world. The great thing about Lincoln is that it not only offers you miles and miles of pristine beaches (great for a sunset stroll), but also a very charming community where you can shop, gamble, or have a quiet meal.

At the southern end of 101 you’ll come to North Bend. If you’re looking to get away from other tourists, the Southern Oregon Coast tends to be less frequented simply because it’s not as close to major cities. Nonetheless, North Bend is historic town close to the Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area.

Here you and your partner can take a bike ride, enjoy some live music, or just sit and enjoy the view at the waterfront.

5 Romantic Spots for a Kiss on the romantic Oregon Coast

Chitwood Bridge, Lincoln County
Drift Creek Bridge - Lincoln County
Fisher School Bridge - Lincoln County
Sandy Creek Covered Bridge - Coos County
Yachats Covered Bridge - Lincoln County

The covered bridges of the Oregon Coast are great for stops for couples on their honeymoons or Oregon romantic weekend getaway.

Things to do on the romantic Oregon Coast


There are so many options for an active couple that it’s hard to know where to begin. If you want to enjoy some scenery but at a slower pace, rent a little scooter. This will give you a chance to hunt down your own private retreat in which to snuggle. During warm weather, you’ll often come across sandcastle contests (if you build them, they will come!).

While you’re out on the beach, take the time to look down at the tide pools and see what manner of treasures they’ll leave at your feet. If you’re lucky you might even go home with a Japanese glass float by which to remember your romantic vacation.

What else can you do? Well, there’s whale watching, clam hunting, winery tours, gambling, shopping, incredible fishing, touring lighthouses, and even ghost hunting for the truly adventurous souls.;Romantic Oregon Coast Accommodation


All along Highway 101 you’ll find a fantastically diverse number of accommodations from which to choose. If you want romantic luxury – it’s there. If you want to “rough it” – it’s there! One spot that seems like it was created with lovers in mind is Pacific City. Here you can rent a cottage – just the two of you – and have a variety of amenities right near by including a brewery, boats and surfing.

For something posh – check out the Ocean Lodge on Cannon Beach, which has a 1940s feel complete with a great ocean front view. You can relax at the affordable Spa at Cannon Beach which brings the quality and tradition of the great European healing centers to the Oregon coast. Check out Cannon Beach Spa for more information.

Of course there are campgrounds, house rentals, bed and breakfast lodging, condos and even Yurts!

Packing for your Oregon Romantic Weekend Getaway:

If you’re looking for dry, sunny weather the best time to travel the romantic Oregon Coast is from June to September. Even then coastal weather can sometimes surprise you so pack with warm days and cool evenings in mind. Don’t forget your sunscreen and hiking shoes! November to March is the rainy season, but those storms make for some amazing waves that truly inspire. You’ll want warm clothing during this season and a sturdy pair of boots or shoes.


Destination weddings in Oregon : There are plenty of locations for perfect destination weddings in Oregon on the romantic Oregon Coast . Whether you elope on Canon Beach or plan an elaborate destination wedding -- there is plenty of choice wen it comes to venues and settings.

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