Romantic Hiking in New Zealand

Caroline is currently living in the UK, but after experiencing her vacations in New Zealand, she spends a substantial amount of her time planning her return to this unique country. Read on for Caroline's recommendations on Romantic Hiking in New Zealand.

Ever considered romantic New Zealand hiking?

New Zealand scenery and spectacular landscape provide the ideal opportunity for romance while on 1, 3, 5, 7, or up to 21 day hikes with your partner, wife or husband. Because of the small population of NZ you can still find walks that will take you far away from other people so you can enjoy each others company in the natural surroundings of the bush, beaches, or mountains... whatever takes you’re fancy.

There are many famous and popular walks that are visited by locals and tourists alike through the summer months… if you don't mind sharing the tracks with a few other walkers. These tracks are well maintained by the Department of Conservation (DOC), have huts along the way for night stopovers... although you are likely to have to share with other hikers and may not be particularly your idea of romance!

DOC do however, give you full details about each track, length of walk, time it takes, condition of track, and points of interest along the way. So you do get a good idea of what your walk will be like before you plan it out.

If you prefer to find a bit of solitude for your romancing, there are hundreds of walks that are not so popular that you can consider. Some are really not known even to local people. Even though these tracks are still documented they may not be so well maintained, but they will have the benefit of not being crowded.


There are DOC centres located right across NZ where you can get advice about all the lesser promoted walks.

Why not choose an area such as Tauranga in the Bay of Plenty for a base for your romantic New Zealand hiking? You could book some romantically publicised accommodation in the area to spend your nights and choose a different walk to do each day throughout your vacation. For example, the first day you can take in a beach walk, second day a bush walk to an old gold mine in the Kaimai Ranges, then do a couple of days where you stay overnight in a hut on the Coromandel Peninsula, followed by more one day loop walks. Loop walks take you back to where you started so you can leave your vehicle and return to it at the end of the day without have to walk back along the same track.

For more about New Zealand Walks and other information useful for planning your holiday, visit Caroline’s website: Explore New Zealand

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