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Romantic honeymoon destinations and honeymoon vacation packages around the world: Hawaii, Tahiti, Costa Rica, Mexico, Caribbean, Honeymoon Islands, Europe ...

There's nothing more exotic than far off romantic honeymoon destinations. But budget, time and a thousand different choices all make the decision hard. Fortunately, there are dozens of honeymoon vacations for every country, activity or style you can imagine. There are many honeymoon vacation packages to suit your budget and a hundred superb honeymoon hotels and resorts around the world that cater to newlyweds.

If you are not sure where to go do check out our Romantic Honeymoon Ideas. If you don't see what you are looking for, search the rest of our website and there is a good chance you find it.


Top Honeymoon Spots Around the World


Costa Rica Honeymoon is one of the world's top 10 honeymoon spots matching everyone's idea of paradise. CR is a great spot for both active couples and for those who prefer a relaxing romantic getaway. There are many honeymoon resorts, hotels and bungalows offering Costa Rica vacation packages for honeymooners.


Seychelles Honeymoon: the world at large barely notices this collection of islands 1,000 miles to the east of mainland Africa -- and that is really just fine. Seychelles offers one of the best unspoiled romantic getaway and unique honeymoon destinations in the world.


Honeymoon in Maldives: a perfect tropical nation of almost 2,000 picture perfect islands 435 miles south of Sri Lanka. Over one hundred resorts are listed and each of them offers something special. Some will even give you the option of having a bungalow on a small private island that is entirely dedicated to you alone!


You’re getting married and trying to find the ideal romantic destination spot. Have you ever considered taking a romantic Tahiti honeymoon? Your island vacations will treat you to numerous isolated beaches, towns and cities rich in history and culture, and some of the best sunset spots in the entire world.


Are images of quiet tropical beaches coming to mind as romantic honeymoon destinations? How many people can say they were given their own private beach in the south Pacific for their honeymoon? The real hidden gems of a Fiji honeymoon vacation are private honeymoon islands, so be sure to ask about them first!


A Belize honeymoon is a very unique honeymoon as are Belize destination weddings. The sea and the beaches are contenders for best in the world for romantic honeymoon destinations.

Belize hosts the largest barrier reef in the western hemisphere.


The place where there is no longer any pressure on either of you, whether it’s for a long weekend or for a week, a honeymoon in Mexico is just the perfect romantic destination. With hospitality, spice and relaxation, Mexico is the perfect blend of adventure and relaxation, with a touch of romance thrown in to make your heart sing. A Cancun Honeymoon is a long time favorite among couples.


New Zealand & Australia Honeymoon. These are destinations of exceptional beauty. Here is our two-week honeymoon itinerary as well as the best spas and wineries to visit on a New Zealand honeymoon.


Niagara Falls honeymoon: After over 60 years as the honeymooning capital of the world, the people in and around Niagara Falls have learned how to make your honeymoon romance start out on the right foot.

Whether you want romantic honeymoon destinations with mountain air, metropolitan excitement or a relaxing stay on the beach here you will find plenty of ideas for unique and romantic honeymoon destinations around the World. Need help planning a Romantic Honeymoon Cruise? We have everything from Cheap honeymoon destinations & packages to romantic all inclusive luxury Caribbean vacations to help you decide on the right romantic honeymoon for you.

Romantic Honeymoon Destinations in Europe


Italian honeymoon: If it’s romance you want, nothing beats an Italian honeymoon destination. Between the history, the food and the scenery, Italy is the place to visit. But plan to stay on your honeymoon in Italy for at least two weeks so you don’t have to rush.


Ireland honeymoon: The truth is the word honeymoon comes from Ireland. Why not go to the emerald isle for a slow-paced trip rich in history and folklore. Ireland’s romantic past is really the perfect place to celebrate your honeymoon and/or wedding.

Best Honeymoon Destination in the Caribbean

honeymoon-caribbeanHoneymoon Caribbean Style

With pristine white sand beaches stretch for miles along the shore with clear sapphire and emerald colored water - the Caribbean offers many romantic honeymoon destinations and romantic getaways.

Last Minute Deaks at Sandals Resorts

Tropical Sandals honeymoons are some of the top-rated honeymoon resorts around the globe. Sandals offer 3 types of Caribbean honeymoon vacation packages: Romantic Honeymoon, Adventure Honeymoon vacation package and Luxury Honeymoon package. Find deals, promotions and the all the details about each package here.


Bermuda honeymoon: Half way between the old world and new, half way between heaven and earth. That was one honeymooner's description of Bermuda. We cannot verify the later half of that description, seeing as neither of us has been to heaven, but we do understand the sentiment.



Looking for something special to do on your Bahamas honeymoon? Here are romantic things to do for couples looking for a romantic getaway. Many Bahamas vacations and honeymoon packages are typically all-inclusive and include a room, airfare and tours.



Whether you are planning a Jamaica honeymoon or looking to combine it with destination wedding in Jamaica there are plenty of romantic resorts and hotels offering special packages for newlyweds or couples on a romantic getaway.


With romantic beach getaways, beautiful vistas, dramatic shorelines and sandy coves Aruba is a top honeymoon island -- Check out our report on Aruba all inclusive honeymoon resorts and deals.

Romantic Honeymoon Getaways in the USA

There are also many romantic Honeymoon Getaways in the USA that are exciting honeymoon destinations for newlyweds, or those taking their long-delayed romantic getaway:

Honeymoon in Hawaii: outstanding mix of tropical island and modern luxury
Alaska honeymoon: great for both adventurous and romantic couples
Las Vegas Honeymoon: buy luxury at the most affordable price in the world
Lake Tahoe Honeymoon: popular choice for over 100 years
Poconos honeymoon: close, quiet and full of amazing beauty
Michigan honeymoons: superb scenery on the lake and looking inland
Tennessee honeymoon: thriving metropolitan cities to heritage centers
Honeymoon in Virginia: Virginia’s motto is “Virginia is for Lovers”
Montana honeymoon: spa packages and romantic log cabin retreats
Maine honeymoon: where the modern world takes a breather

Florida honeymoon: a worldwide desirable honeymoon destination

Honeymoon Island Florida: have a customized wedding on the beach
Disney World honeymoon: most popular honeymoon destination in Florida
Key West honeymoon: best for combining a slow pace with plenty of activity
Honeymoon in Orlando: many wonderful, romantic spots throughout the area

We also decided on a US honeymoon destination for our own honeymoon but we had trouble limiting ourselves to just one. Check out our personal itinerary of legendary, romantic and adventurous USA Honeymoon Spots for romantic honeymoon ideas and inspiration.

Exotic and Romantic Honeymoon Destinations in Asia


Romantic Thailand: dazzling collection of beautiful mountain ranges, unspoiled forests, dramatic landscapes and swirling fogs and mists make the Northern region a perfect choice for a Thailand honeymoon.


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