Romantic Getaways in North Carolina

Nowhere in the US quite provides the kind of diverse romantic getaway opportunities like North Carolina! Visiting that state as a couple will definitely cater to your romantic sense from many different angles. What you will find when visiting there is that you will experience something unique in each city or town that will leave you in complete awe of the fact that all these attractions actually exist in the same state. For a romantic vacation with total diversity, North Carolina is the place to go!

Romantic Getaways in North Carolina: Charlotte

First and foremost your trip to North Carolina would not be complete without a visit to Charlotte. This city, filled with stunning style skyscrapers, is visible for many miles when approaching it by road. What strikes you first when driving through the city is the existence of several corporate centers and headquarters of a lot of the nation's banks. In fact, it is currently the second largest banking center in the entire United States. Charlotte is also the center of the largest consolidated rail system in the US and is also a major crossing point for the interstate highway system that is currently used.

With so much infrastructure and importance placed on Charlotte, you can only expect the same level of entertainment and activities while you are there on vacation. In the first instance, you can expect to find lots of museums and facilities that display art and culture typical to North Carolina and the cities that it is home to. There are also many stunning restaurants that are perfect for couples on a vacation in North Carolina and passing through this particular city.

Romantic Getaways in North Carolina: Bald Head Island

Also on your must see list of places in North Carolina is Bald Head Island, which is a semi tropical island just two nautical miles off the south-eastern tip of North Carolina. Believe it or not, this is a tropical type island that belongs to North Carolina, which you’ll find absolutely perfect for a romantic getaway. This 2000 acre island is filled with romantic pristine beaches -- 14 miles of beachfront to be exact -- that both of you will definitely enjoy getting to know together.

There are also several island type activities that you can enjoy as a couple and lots of dining opportunities that will definitely add to the uniqueness of the experience. The animal and plant life that you will be able to explore there is also something to behold and something that you will undoubtedly enjoy as a couple. With Bald Head Island so close to you, there is really no need to head to the Caribbean Islands to get the type of tropical luxury you desire!

Romantic Getaways in North Carolina: Hillsborough

The small historic town of Hillsborough should be next on the list of places to see in North Carolina. The fact that it is a small town with lots of history makes it romantic for couples going there. There is not an awful lot to do here but that is just what makes it a romantic getaway. It provides opportunities for couples to just enjoy each other's company, whether they are walking around getting to know the people of the town or enjoying the services and facilities at one of the romantic bed and breakfasts available there.

Romantic Getaways in North Carolina: Asheville

If you have ever heard about the Biltmore Estate, then you will definitely be able to learn more about it on your trip to North Carolina if you stop in the town of Asheville. Asheville is home to the famous Biltmore Estate, a huge landmark that was built by George Washington Vanderbilt II several hundreds of years ago. The structure itself and its design are awesome to behold, which is why today it is open to the public for viewing.

Asheville is also home to the Great Smokies, the 2200 foot elevation that is absolutely stunning during the autumn months when leaves turn golden brown. Visiting the Great Smokies and also staying in one of the cozy cottages in the area is something you will definitely enjoy on your vacation together.

Romantic Getaways in North Carolina: High Country

Another interesting part of North Carolina that you will enjoy as a couple is the High Country, which consists of the counties of Watauga, Avery and Ashe. This region boasts the highest average land elevation in the eastern United States with Mount Mitchell being 6,684 feet. In this region, you will find a wider variety of trees than all of Europe combined. What is interesting to note is that this type of plant diversity is credited to the fact that multiple climatic zones converged years ago, creating the type of environment suitable for a wide range of foliage.

As promised, North Carolina is filled with much diversity, depending on which area of the state you visit. One thing is for sure, any part of North Carolina you visit will provide its own uniqueness that will give you the feeling of being in a completely different place in each instance. This kind of experience is something that you’ll enjoy as a couple help to make your romantic getaway worthwhile.

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