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5 Reasons to go to Dallas for a Romantic Getaway

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If you are planning romantic getaways in Dallas, Texas with your loved one you might be thinking about scheduling in a bit of romance. Those looking for romance can indeed find it in on their Dallas romantic getaway. Dallas is progressive and modern with a firm connection to the old west. This city has been one of the most vibrant big cities of not just Texas, but the entire country. We’re about to shatter the illusion that Dallas is all work and no play right now. And here are 5 spots where you should look for romance on your romantic Dallas getaway.

5 Romantic Things to do on Romantic Getaways in Dallas

First thing to do on your romantic getaways in Dallas is visiting The Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Gardens.

Located on the southeastern side of White Rock Lake, just minutes from the center of the city, this oasis is open every day except three. Those are Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years Day. Hours are from 9am to 5pm. If there is rain when you arrive, you can take your receipt to the ticket booth and receive a “rainy day” pass.

This is more than a simple garden. The carefully tended grounds inspire long walks in the cool shade. There are many garden areas with specific themes, so a careful check of the map will show you the best route for your first visit. The sheer size will almost certainly give you reason to return; few people will rush through and attempt to see it all in one day but end up missing it’s simple beauty.

Second on your romantic getaways in Dallas to do list should be taking the McKinney Avenue Trolley.

For both first time and return romantic getaways in Dallas, the McKinney Avenue Trolley provides a nostalgic look at the era when cars were a rare luxury. The trolley cars are from multiple places around the world and each has a unique history. Traveling the route will also take you to other recommended places for shopping, a quiet romantic dinner, and places to just enjoy each other’s company. The greatest thing is that the services are free to the public. There are donation boxes on each car and at the Saint Paul Station, which is the end of the 3.6 mile route.

Third thing needed are Romantic Hotels in Dallas, Texas. Hotel St. Germain is definitely the best choice for your on romantic getaways in Dallas.

This is not a modern hotel. A regal mansion turned into luxury guest lodgings in the heart of Dallas, the Hotel St. Germain recalls the days when balls were something you attended in full regalia. You should reserve accommodations well ahead of time as the waiting list can fill quickly. Both guests and reviewers consistently recommend this as one of the top romantic hotels in the US.

The dining room alone is often booked for formal parties. The setting is perfect for “popping the question” here as its one of the most romantic places to get engaged in Texas. The hotel is within walking distance of the McKinney Avenue Trolley, so you can continue the theme of old fashioned romance even while exploring the city.

Fourth item needed on your romantic getaways in Dallas to do list is romantic dining and Nana Restaurant is just the right venue.

Located on the 27th floor of the Hilton Anatole Hotel, Nana Restaurant has been at the top of every travel guides list in Dallas. As with most fine dining, reserving your dinner ahead of time is highly recommended. The scallops are outstanding, the prime beef filet is perfect and the glazed strawberry desert will have you sighing for days, if not months. The meals are always wonderful, using taste rather than bulk to satisfy you. The Nana is fine dining with a perfect ambiance and not just somewhere to grab a bite.

Fifth your romantic getaways in Dallas should employ all your senses.

The Meyerson Symphony Center sits as the jewel at the peak of the social crown of the city. Home to the Turtle Creek Chorale, the Dallas Wind Symphony, and the Greater Dallas Youth Orchestra, this elegant venue supports local talent while providing world-class performances. The holiday seasons are especially vibrant at the Center and highly recommended for seating for two.

Romantic Weekend Near Dallas and Texas Outdoor Wedding Venue

The Wildwood Inn, north of Dallas and Fort Worth, pays special attention to subtle luxury. The services include four star catering and a hall for your reception. This is a perfect venue for friends and family to gather thanks to both the location and quality. The Wildwood Inn has a wonderful garden that would make any outdoor wedding an event to remember.

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