Romantic European Vacation for Two

Top Getaway Ideas for Couples Traveling by Road, Rail or Mediterranean Cruises

Spain, France, Italy, Croatia or Greece? Can't decide which cities to visit on your romantic European vacation? Well, by car, plan or rail - in one week you can visit as many countries as some people have only visited in a lifetime of travel, but with Mediterranean cruises, you can do it together and have a floating hotel to return to every day.

The variety of Mediterranean cruises gives options for every budget and schedule. The chance to visit not one, but as many as a dozen, ports of call throughout what was once called “The Roman Lake” should not be missed. The same cities can very easily be reached by car or European rail.

From west to east, you can cover many of the most romantic European vacation destinations. Mediterranean cruises lines often offer cruises in segments, so you can spend a week at one end of the sea and the next on the other. Italy is often the divider thanks to it's central position, with the two coasts being considered separate.

Getaway Ideas for Your Romantic European Vacation

Barcelona Romantic European Getaway for Two

Starting in Spain, the city of Barcelona is the largest port and one of the most classically beautiful in the country. The Sagrada Familia Cathedral has been under construction since 1882 and considered one of the central landmarks of the city. A soaring artistic edifice, the cathedral is as much sculpture as it is a religious center.

More importantly Barcelona is home to some of the best espresso and cappuccinos in Europe. On our last romantic getaway in winter of 2010 we had at least 2 cups a day and were never served anything sub standard. The local cafes and bars offer espresso of both rich flavor and real eye opening power particularly when recovering from jet lag. While there are chain coffee shops that have invaded from the US, the real gems are the small shops that offer a taste of Europe that you can take home.

Nice and Eze Romantic European Vacation

Up along the coast, the French Riviera is a famous resort center going all the way back to the late 1800's. The towns of Nice and Eze are amazing in more than their locations, but also in the variety of small shops clustered along winding small streets. A day can easily be lost walking along these streets and sampling foods, sights and smells. Eze is particularity suited for couples, known for its perfumes and flowers. The French give whole new meaning to romance and these ports are perfect examples of why. Watch for open air markets where you can gather anything from tea to candy and enjoy it back on board.

Florence Romantic European Vacation

The eastern Italian coast has is where you can take excursions to Florence, heart of the Tuscany region. This is also the center of the Renaissance. The city was home during its history to master of art and literature. There are plazas where you can see works by Michelangelo, and Bartolomeo Ammannati. Walking through the Piazza della Signoria is like a visit to a major museum. There is also an open air shopping center that has leather goods of exceptional quality, but local prices. Bartering is expected.

Romantic European Vacation in Rome

Further down the coast is Rome. A day in Rome is a trip through western history. Many Mediterranean cruises excursions include tours of the famous historical sites, but there are also visits to the restaurants that have made Italy one of the world leaders in both classically influenced and innovative cuisine. A dinner for two in Rome is often the highlight of a visit to the entire country.

From Italy, there are also stops in the Adriatic Sea. This is the part of the Mediterranean that has been the ancient sea connection between Italy and the countries to the east.

Croatia Romantic European Vacation

The first visit to the east is often the coast of Croatia. There are marvelous beaches that rarely get mentioned, so make sure you bring a couple of towels and sunscreen.

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