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A romantic carnival cruise that was once reserved only for the rich and famous is now an affordable romantic couples cruise vacation that can be enjoyed any time of the year by most couples. There are exotic ports of call to be explored both on the way there and on the way back.

Many shorter carnival's couples cruises are designed cruises to allow not only reduced the price, but the ability of busy couples to take a short romantic vacation. These mini vacations and shorter weeklong cruises cost less, making them more affordable and more accessible. You will still have plenty of time to enjoy the sea air and sun, relax, and five star restaurant aboard the ship.


Romantic Carnival cruising in the Caribbean and the Mexican RivieraCruising the Caribbean and the Mexican Riviera has become more popular than ever. Longer voyages to the Mexican Riviera have been added to the menu of cruises and they are selling fast and furious. Four and five day cruises that sail from San Diego to Cabo San Lucas and Ensenada aboard the Carnival Elation are one of the hottest tickets around, whether it’s for a week or for a long weekend of sun and relaxation.

Romantic Carnival Cruise Ships

As the company continues to expand, so does its cruise selection. No matter what kind of cruise you are looking for, Carnival will have something that will interest you and within your price range.

Romantic Carnival Cruise Aboard the Liberty

The fleet has recently added the Carnival Liberty, the first to be based in Europe. The Liberty can set sail to the South of France or to the Greek Islands and has many ports of call in between.

Romantic Carnival Cruise Aboard the Splendor

The Carnival Splendor is soon to make her debut, with a capacity of three thousand passengers, which will make her the largest ship in the fleet.

Romantic Carnival Cruise Aboard Carnival Pride, Carnival Legend and Carnival Miracle

Those Spirit-class vessels are the fleet's most elegant and modern and non mega-cruise ship. Those budget/mid-priced range romantic Carnival cruises offer spacious spa and fitness facilities, plenty of onboard variety and have a high balcony ratio. In fact 80% of all cabins are outside cabins easy to book and not at all that expensive. The Deco Lounge and the cigar bar have the perfect intimate ambience for a drink.

And with Carnival’s fleet offering Vegas style entertainment onboard, why give up a chance to enjoy the sea air and sun, when you can have it all?

Not only are these vacations convenient, they are coming with something that old style cruising didn’t. Entertainment. Carnival’s growing fleet offers everything from Vegas style entertainment to romantic couple’s getaways. In keeping with the growth of the fleet, Carnival has ships that are outfitted to resemble the majesty of some of Vegas’ finest hotels, complete with gambling and the best of Vegas live entertainment.

With so many choices of activities to do on board ship, it would take you almost ten cruises to do them all. No matter where your interests lie, whether physical, or sedate, your choices are myriad. You can pick and choose as you see fit, trying things on for size. And of course there’s nothing wrong with just lying around and soaking up the sun, reading a book and sipping something cool with a little umbrella, either.

Even if you can’t take the time to do a several months long cruise around the world, the shorter five or seven day cruises maybe just what you are looking for. On board Carnival’s new ship the Elation, a beautiful eight hundred fifty five foot floating resort, you can cruise to locales like Baja Mexico from San Diego. Like most land based resorts, there is so much to see and do aboard ship, that it defies description.The wonderful thing about longer cruises is that you have time to do things like go to the gym to work out, dine in wonderful four and five star restaurants, swim in sparking pools or take in world class entertainment.

Carnival also offers a fifteen day trip through the Panama Canal, which is perfect for people who want to take their time on a cruise. There is plenty of time to relax and get acclimated to the ship’s “clock” and your accommodations, leaving you with ample time to taste the variety of things to do on board. Or you can just as easily sit on the deck together, sip a cool beverage with a good book, and bask in the sun. It’s your choice.

The rates are really reasonable for a trip this long. Some cruise lines like Carnival offer packages that have air fare included in them, from several originating cities in the United States.

If you are thinking more about a European vacation, why not check out Carnival’s Greek Island cruise? Imagine it, cruise for fourteen days, beginning in Athens and cruising around the Aegean Sea, checking out about a dozen Greek Islands, including Mykonos and Naxos and others.


The sea air, the sun, exotic lands and ports of call all combined with the delights of seeing the world with new eyes. Is there a better way to relax than a long leisurely cruise? Check out some Romantic Cruise Ship Vacations for two. You'll be on your way to the honeymoon or romantic getaway of your dreams.


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