Reasons to Elope

Here are the top reasons why couples elope and and opt for a fun, exciteting and romantic elope wedding

There are lots of great reasons to elope with your honey. When most people hear the word elope, it immediately conjures images of young couples that have been kept apart or forbidden by family or societal pressure to marry.


But that is not always the case. There are times when the pressure to marry according to the wishes of others instead of what the couple wants is the driving force in the decision to “steal away in the night” (as it were). While friends and family are typically well-meaning their insistent input can be less than helpful. That's the beauty of eloping - it's sell about what suits you.

Elope weddings don't have to be totally exclusive; it's just that you actually own the guest list.

Want to elope? Here are the Top reasons to elope

Fun, Excitement, and Romance -- the sense of spontaneity and adventure that accompanies an elopement can be very appealing reasons to elope. But there are many other very sound, valid reasons why couples elope and choose alternatives to conventional weddings.

Reasons to Elope: Time

It's is a practical solution to career couples or those with family responsibilities.

Most weddings are long processes - when eloping you can minimize planning. A couple usually spends at least a year making arrangements once they decide to marry.

Everything from where to have the ceremony, who to invite, where to have the reception, arranging the catering, when to have the wedding and even how to arrange seating at the ceremony is part of the wedding process, and it's exhausting. With all this and the average workweek, an elope wedding is a great reasons to elope for career couples or those with family responsibilities.

There are romantic locations in the US for an elope wedding and the rest of the world that offer complete packages for lodging, officiant, flowers and photography that are also priced favorably.

The decision to have an elope wedding is often made quickly, but eloping shouldn’t be done without a little planning.

See How to elope.

Hint: don't tell anyone other than on a need-to-know basis. Your pet sitter is fine, mom and dad might not be so thrilled and try to talk you out of it.

One of the most popular reasons to elope is Money

Weddings are not cheap. The average wedding cost $26,327 (according to makes couples take a step back to look at what the happiest day of their lives will cost them. Feeling pressured into having the 'prefect' or most 'unique' wedding, many newlyweds find themselves buried in debt. Rather than spend thousands of dollars they may or may not have, couples may choose to forego a lavish wedding and reception in favor of eloping.

Traditional wedding costs: First, there is the bride’s dress. These can run into hundreds if not thousands of dollars. Then you have to get dresses for the bride’s maids (along with the inevitably adjustments for a one-use dress). Add in shoes, makeup and hair and you are looking at a sizable investment already. There is also the groom and his friends to consider. Most people rent tuxedos, but even that can be pricey depending on how well you want each to fit and match. With rentals you also run a serious risk of loosing the deposit if there should be any damage.


Clothing aside, the venue must be paid for and decorated. Flowers are not inexpensive. That still leaves the reception with a buffet and supporting the liquor habits of the guests … it’s an ever-growing bill for food, alcohol, musicians, the cake etc.

Note here we haven't even begun to touch on wedding invitations, and hotel rooms and accommodations for out of town guests can also be tacked on. 

So if you don't want to spend that much, can't spend that much, or rather spend it on your honeymoon …

Elope wedding cost Find out more about elope wedding cost.

Reasons to elope: Eliminate the pressures and stress of a traditional wedding

An elope wedding can save many of the tension producing elements that can stress out a relationship ( see reason to elope 1 and 2).

The Luxury of Intimacy - A romantic and intimate getaway is a great way to celebrate getting married.

Traditional weddings have an average of 164 guests; destination weddings, a cozy 56. Standing in front of hundreds of people and spending the day at the reception can be a bit too much for some.

Some couples just want to have a quite, romantic location and experience to be able to fully focus on each other.

Having just the couple and perhaps a few friends or family attending can make for a more intimate experience.

Many couples are marrying again or simply want a small wedding. Large size family and extended family can mean a very large guest list. Invite your entire guest list to a destination wedding at your dream location. Only a small percentage will attend. Many couples decide to elope and get married on their own and then have a celebration party or dinner either before they leave or after they return.

An exotic location -- synchronize your big day with a big getaway.

There are many great elope wedding destination in the US . Or you live in Illinois, but have always dreamed of a wedding with your toes in the sand in which case a Caribbean destination wedding might be just the perfect solution.

Maybe you and your husband to be met while on vacation in Europe -- than check out the best places to Elope in Europe. Whatever the reason, you may simply just want to get married somewhere other than where you live. A location that is special to you will make your wedding a more memorable day -- find out about the most romantic places to elope around the world.

Reasons to elope: You just don't want to wait months to get married.

This was the main reason for an elope wedding for us. I'm Canadian my husband is Belgian, the thought of spending one year chasing all the paperwork almost put me off the idea of marriage. There is less administrative hustle and paper work in some locations -- thats why we decided on Nevada … actually we already planned a trip to before we got the great idea to turn it into an elope honeymoon. See Elope in Las Vegas Desert

Reasons To Elope: A complex family tree can be an excellent reason to elope.

Sometimes several divorces in either or both of your families can leave you with a lot of possibly uncomfortable situations. Having to worry about who to invite or how they will interact with others ideally should not be on your mind when planning your wedding.

Or what if you or your family members are living abroad and may not be able to travel?

Freedom From Tradition - do something a bit unique and different.

Elopements can exemplify your freedom from tradition and your individuality. Design-your-own wedding is becoming increasingly popular as is being married by a celebrant or other official. From eloping in a hot air ballon to skiing in Colorado check out adventurous and romantic elope ideas.

Religion is also a very relevant reason to elope.

Traditional weddings are to be an expression of faith, love and loyalty to your partner in front of your God. This by definition can pose an issue. For example, within some strict Jewish groups having a traditional ceremony in a synagogue is only possible if both partners are of faith. If one half of the couple are not Jewish, a traditional ceremony will not be granted within the walls of a synagogue performed by a Rabbi.

An elope wedding solves many of these issues. You don’t have to take as much time. Now instead of dozens of participants there are only three - the couple and the willing participation of a person performing the legal niceties (possibly five if you count witnesses). The cost is only as much as the fee that person might charge along with the money spent on a license. All the money saved can go into one heck of an all-out honeymoon!


After the fact, many people might have to sooth ruffled feathers amongst family and friends, but the fact will remain that the deed is done and now they must make adjustments to face the new reality. One way to do that is to have a small, causal reception where you can share pictures of your elopement and honeymoon, and all the stories that go with it. By the end of the night, people will be celebrating with you, and you can get on with your life together carrying that joy.

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