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The past, the present and the distinctly modern come together in Quebec City to celebrate one of the most unique capitals in Canada.

Planning a romantic vacation in Canada? If Quebec vacations are on your itinerary than Quebec City is a good place to start your Canada holidays. The city was founded as the first European settlement intended as a permanent hold by France in the New World. Although many, but not all, of the inhabitants do speak English, French is preferred. From the beginning of Quebec the statements made in architecture were large. Much of Old Quebec remains surrounded by the only fortified city walls north of Mexico. These walls are part of a UNESCO World Heritage site. Quebec City itself began as a series of smaller hamlets and was grouped together at one time, but the sections of the city have kept their own distinct identity. The Old City rests on a rise that makes the fortified walls create an imposing city landmark. Old City is divided into Upper Town, known as Haute-Ville, and Lower Town known as Basse-Ville.

We used the Terraasse Dufferin, a a boardwalk in Upper Town of Quebec City, for intimate evening strolls. A sunset stroll will provide just the right light to enjoy the panoramic views of the Laurentian Mountains and the St. Lawrence River.

In the past wealthy residents were a little above it all in Haute-Ville and here we found large manor houses, historical structures and monuments. Basse-ville is known for the historic Petit Champlain district, the Museum of Civilization and plenty of murals and fountains.

St. Roch, Quebec Vacations

St. Roch, Quebec City is only a short cab ride outside of the Old Quebec City and definitely a different type of neighborhood. The art galleries and unusual shops flourish amid this revitalized industrial area. The energy of St. Roch is high and we found people creating in art cooperatives, dancing to music and enjoying modern sculpture in the green spaces. The grand square, called Parc St. Roch, is a modern park that offers relief from shopping along the avenue and a place to play.

Quebec Vacations Markets

Markets and unique shopping are a tradition in Quebec City. Southwest of the Old City is Montcalm, an area of high-end shopping and the Halles Petit Cartier market. St. Roch and Basse-Ville shopping will appeal to those who like the artisan look or want something one of a kind. I found a pair of unique hand-made gloves and every time I use them I get asked where they are from and I get to remember the time we spent together browsing the shops on a sunny afternoon.

A quick look at Quebec City skyline will tell you what not to miss on your visit. The outline of Chateau Frontenac stands out to remind you to take a peek inside this landmark hotel, even if just in the lobby. The chateau style hotel was built by the Canadian Pacific Railway company to encourage luxury tourism. The hotel offers tours but we organized our own with just a map and our guide book. La Citadelle, the highest perch along the city’s fortifications, is a breathtaking view amid the embattled past and historical buildings.

It is marvelous how people of this modern city have transformed history into the present. The Plains of Abraham was previously a battlefield but now takes center stage as a major park in the city. Cross-country skiing, sledding and in-line skating are some of the activities available in this park. The city hosts the Summer Festival, Winter Carnival and Saint Jean Baptiste Day celebrations. These high energy events feature snow sculptures, music and canoe races.

Culture and history run deep in Quebec City and within the city walls the National Museum of Fine Arts of Quebec is a popular attraction.

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Distance from Quebec Vacations to Montreal vacation: 255 km / 158 miles / 3 hour drive

New York City, Boston and Quebec City are the most common departure points for a cruise to New England. Often these cruises are booked in advance for the fall season to get a glimpse of the amazing change of seasons, but don’t let that limit your imagination. Each month offers different colors and landscapes just waiting for your presence.

Canada ski vacation or romantic getaway. Montmorency Falls, the highest waterfalls in the province of Quebec, and the Basilica of Sainte-Anne-de-Beaupre are just outside the city in an area known as Vieux-Quebec and Place Royale. The area is European and houses the two largest gates through the fortified walls. The most unique building in or near Quebec is probably the Ice Hotel, also called the Hotel de Glace. This fully functioning hotel is built each winter out of snow and ice, melts with spring and then is redesigned and rebuild for the next year.

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