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Things to Know for Planning Puerto Rico Vacations

When planning your Puerto Rico vacations or honeymoon you should remember that the weather all year is between the high 80's and mid 70's. The rainy season occurs April through November, but depending on where in the commonwealth you are, you can travel without a great deal of worry into late June. While there are often concerns about hurricane season, which also officially starts in June, the last major storm struck the island in 1928.

From a budget standpoint the perfect time to plan Puerto Rico vacations or honeymoon also happens to be when most of the hotels have their peek rates in place, from mid-December to late April.

With careful planning ahead of the tourist rush, you can have a wonderful Puerto Rico honeymoon in the tropics without spending as much as an impulse trip. Really give yourself time to look at airlines, hotels, and transports.

Puerto Rico Romantic Getaways Must-See Cities and Islands

As part of your romantic vacation with your partner, there are certain cities in Puerto Rico that you absolutely have to visit to get a true experience. Take a look at them.

Puerto Rico Vacations: Vieques Romantic GetawaysWhether you are planning a honeymoon, destination weddings in Puerto Rico or just celebrating an anniversary, the Puerto Rican island of Vieques is perhaps the best place to do that. The beaches on this island are virtually untouched, which allows couples to have the kind of privacy they want on a vacation for two. It is definitely a place to consider if you are looking for a more laid-back experience that allows bonding time between you and your special person.

Puerto Rico Vacations: Cabo Rojo Romantic GetawaysCouples visiting Puerto Rico will also enjoy the experience of the town of Cabo Rojo. You can probably spend your daytime hours in Cabo Rojo because there is just so much for couples to do. They have a great range of seafood restaurants and the prices are definitely very affordable. No cuisine spells romance like seafood!

Cabo Rojo also has wonderful beaches that are hardly ever crowded, thereby giving you and your partner the space you need to enjoy each other's company. And, you can also take a tour of the lighthouse where you can enjoy wonderful views from the top.

Before you terminate your daily in Cabo Rojo, you absolutely need to stop and take in the sunset. It is argued that the sunset from Cabo Rojo is the most beautiful you will find anywhere in Puerto Rico.

Puerto Rico Vacations: Rincon Romantic GetawaysCouples who are interested in enjoying each other’s time, but also have an adventurous streak, can visit the town of Rincon. There, you can be a part of the best surfing experience Puerto Rico has to offer. Most people who visit Rincon actually go there for the surfing experience because it is world renowned. Why not stop there if you are in Puerto Rico and treat yourselves to a bit of adventure?

Puerto Rico Vacations: San German Romantic GetawaysFor more of an informed and historic delve into Puerto Rico, you can visit the town of San German. This is where roads are still made of brick and lined with old world-style Spanish homes. You can learn a lot about the history of Puerto Rico by driving or walking through San German. And to top it off you can experience the views of the far-reaching mountains that run through the centre of the island. Not to mention the beautiful oceanfront that is lined with palm trees.

Honeymoon Ideas: 5 Romantic Things to Do in Puerto Rico Vacations

Your Puerto Rico Vacations would not be complete unless you take in the following five activities:

• Taking a romantic walk hand-in-hand with your partner along Paseo de la Princesa, which is the main boulevard in the Old City, is a great way to enjoy your daytime or nighttime. This experience also allows you to learn a little bit more about the history of the island.

• You and your partner will love the experience of a nighttime sail on one of the two luminescent bays in Puerto Rico. These bays are famous for creatures that glow in the dark and illuminate the entire body of water. It is just a breathtaking experience!

• No Puerto Rico Vacations would be complete without a cultural experience. On a couple of the nights you are there, you and your partner can visit Jazz at the Place in Old San Juan where you can experience traditional Puerto Rican music and Latin dancing.

• If you are a couple who likes to be one with nature, you can tour El Yunque, which is a 28,000 acre national forest where there is an endless display of tropical fauna and flora.

• If you are feeling up to the challenge, you can take a trip up the trails of El Toro and head to the peak at Pico del Toro, which is just about 3,500 feet above sea level. From that point, you can get wonderful breathtaking views of the island and the sparkling blue seas below.

Flying to Puerto Rico is a Breeze!

Traveling to the commonwealth as a US citizen does not require a passport. Accommodating the number of visitors from other countries is fast and efficient.

Getting to Puerto Rico by air is very easy. The Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport in San Juan is actually a hub for American Airlines, which means there are several non-stop flights arriving there daily. Other airlines also move in and out of that airport, and one of the major points of origin is Miami. Getting to Puerto Rico is definitely not a problem if you’re going by air.

Have you heard enough? Good! Now get packing and head out to the perfect destination for people in love and who love island vacations. Puerto Rico Vacations will definitely be worth every penny you spend.

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