Romantic Poconos Honeymoon

A Poconos Romantic Vacation or Romantic Weekend in the Poconos

Ever thought about a Poconos honeymoon or a romantic weekend in the Poconos? Well many have, A Poconos romantic vacation is one of the more popular honeymoon destinations in the US – a place that is quiet, full of amazing beauty and so close that some people forget they exist.

Consider that one of the great worries in a relationship is money and time together -- and suddenly a Poconos honeymoon in the Pocono Mountains in eastern Pennsylvania give you an option to have both without sacrificing any quality. The multitudes of resorts are accessible from New York, Philadelphia, eastern Connecticut and even the drive there can be called spectacular. With all that in easy reach, why would anyone cross a Poconos romantic vacation or even a romantic weekend in the Poconos off his or her list?

We had an amazing Poconos romantic vacation right after our New York romantic getaway. We left in the late afternoon and by evening we were settled in our romantic cottage and having wine on the veranda.

One of the best things about the Pocono Mountains romantic vacation is that there are so many places to choose when you come on your Poconos honeymoon. From full accommodation hotels with all the amenities that you could ask for, to a weekly rental cabin with a fireplace to cuddle up in front of, there is a place to meet your taste.

And the time of year will play a part in a Poconos romantic vacation as well. Even if you go to the same resort, when you go on your Poconos honeymoon will change the effect dramatically. What you first saw as a ski resort with cross country trails and amazing downhill runs in the winter turns into a quiet place to hike through the hills and follow a soft spring breeze.

In a summer Poconos honeymoonit becomes a rich forest waiting for you to find that perfect spot for a picnic. A fall Poconos honeymoon is when you drive through miles of color that most people never see, then hide away from the world in your own personal get away. In the Poconos, it’s really all about getting time for each other as much as it is about the place you’ll remember for a life time.

With all the natural beauty, it gets easy to forget that you are really not all that far from all the comforts of civilization while you’re on your Poconos romantic getaway. Depending on where you stay, the longest drive to a major metropolitan center can be only an hour and a half away. As mentioned, there is a huge variety of options when it comes to accommodations, but one of the best ways to use the time you spend here is to get a map and arrange for bed and breakfasts along your route through more than 2400 square miles of winding country roads.

And the small treasures you find along the way on a Poconos romantic vacation are not just resorts, there are small towns with locals who can clue you in to the best scenic routes, where to get real Amish hand craft goods that surpass machine made items for a lot less, and the occasional place to call “our restaurant in the Poconos” where the food and wine are local and not found anywhere else in the world.


Our favorite part are the cottages with jacuzzi and fire place -- while on our romantic weekend in the Poconos we stayed at the

Stirling Inn

it offers all inclusive honeymoons, romantic vacations and getaways in the Poconos mountains featuring luxurious accommodations. We loved it and the only thing we do regret is that we could not stay longer.

If a romantic cabin is not your style there are many many choices and you can get a discount and Save 20% - Bed and Breakfast Getaway.

When you go on a Poconos romantic getaway, remember that you are heading into rolling hills and there are times when cell phone reception is a little lacking. But that’s why you come up here in the first place! You come here to enjoy a Poconos romantic vacation – namely, get away from the world where there are constant phones and emails and text messages.

This is where there are still trees and spots where you can walk into the forest just a few dozen yards down a path and find a creek to cool your feet, then smile when you realize that you spent an hour doing nothing but sitting together and talking.

A Poconos honeymoon is a rare place that gives you that closeness. Not only does it give you a place and time to get away from the world at large, but it gives you some peace and quiet to get closer to the one who matters.

It’s a rare thing to encounter people who go to the Poconos honeymoon and don’t smile when you ask them about it. It is far more likely that they will start to talk about going back. And when they go back, they do it for a second or (like us!) third honeymoon, or a special anniversary. There is something about the place that makes returning with the same person feel right, no matter how often you go. That’s why people refer to it as “our place”.


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