Packing for Your Destination Wedding

When packing for your destination wedding take enough for the situation, but not so much that you’re actually packing your entire household in 101 bags.

Packing for your destination wedding: The Destination Wedding Dress
your first and most important packing choice should be the clothes you will wear at your ceremony. And here are a few tips for destination wedding planning

If you are going for a formal destination wedding dress it's best to carry it on the plane with you. First check with the bridal shop for advice on how best to pack it for the trip.

Second check with the airline in advance for the exact specifications for luggage. Often, the airline will consider a garment or upright bag carry-on, but this does affect the amount of check luggage that you can transport as well.

Sometimes, if you do call the airline in advance, they can offer you space for your dress and the groom's tuxedo in a closet on board but most airlines insist you check your gown with your other luggage so unless your gown is very informal you will need a large box or an extra suitcase to protect it.

When you reach your destination, hang up formal wear immediately. You may not have an iron on hand. If the clothing isn’t easily damaged by steam hang it in the bathroom and turn on the shower to get rid of the wrinkles. Check out tips on how to choose the bestwedding dress for your destination.

Many men rent a tuxedo, but it is becoming more common that the groom either has a tuxedo or unique suit that can be used again.

Packing for your destination wedding: Luggage
Look for suitable luggage. No matter what other type of luggage you have, use a hard-shelled type and place the most important items for the wedding in there. Piling wedding clothing into soft-sided with checked luggage that shifts during travel causes compression and folds. The case should meet the standards set by customs and the airline if you are traveling by plane, so check those regulations and weight limits. The good thing about a rigid piece of luggage is that you can pack multiple delicate items in separate small containers with the assurance that they will not be crushed.

Packing for your destination wedding: Valuables
Do not pack extremely valuable items such as jewelry in anything other than carry on luggage so you can control them through the entire trip. When you to pack these items, make sure that the person responsible for them has a check list and is aware of both the location and position of that carry on. A single open zipper can lead to unhappy issues at any airport. Additionally some items cannot be taken on planes as carry on, so check the regulations prior to packing.

Packing for your destination wedding: Climate

What you pack really depends on the variables of the climate and the length of time. Add to this foundation the types of activities in which you might take part. For each day take two changes of daily wear. No matter what the weather, nature’s unpredictability says: no matter what you wear in the morning it could become unbearable by lunchtime. In summer it can be hot and humid.

Do watch out for cosmetics. Airline regulations don’t allow many in carry on luggage, and once in your main checked in cases they can leak into important items. Use food saver bags with air-tight containers. Double up the bags to safeguard all your treasures.

Bring what you feel you will need and not a thing more and don’t forget to leave room for souvenirs. Check out destination wedding cost to see how much budget you will have left for those souvenirs.

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