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Romantic New Zealand Vacation, Destinations Weddings and New Zealand honeymoons – All about unique hotels and restaurants, spectacular New Zealand scenery, New Zealand climate, top things to do in Auckland, North and South Island new Zealand on a romantic getaway.

A romantic New Zealand vacation has been one of the unusual travel destinations because of it's far flung location in the South Pacific Ocean.


However this "Paradise of the Pacific" with extraordinary New Zealand scenery -- glaciers and rain forests, beaches and mountain ranges, volcanoes and geysers, tranquil lakes and fjords, meadows and plains, thunderous waterfalls and serpentine rivers is becoming one of the best honeymoon destinations.

New Zealand, is also known by the Maori name of Aotearoa, which is usually translated as "(Land of the) long white cloud", has managed to preserve much of its natural environment, with 30 percent of New Zealand's land composed of National Parks, reserves and special heritage.

Great for a romantic New Zealand vacation or honeymoon destinations are the Nelson - Abel Tasman region, Central Otago or the Catlins. These are all areas of exceptional beauty and all have their different attractions.


North Island Romantic getaway in New Zealand Our guide to romantic hotels, and romantic restaurants, spectacular scenery, top things to do and see on New Zealand's North Island (Auckland, Wellington, Tauranga) kayaking, walking and beaches in the Abel Tasman.


Check out our South Island romantic getaway & New Zealand honeymoon Ideas. A 2 week honeymoon tour, spa getaways, wine tours and top things to see and do. There are beautiful cozy townships and history in Central Otago and wildlife and rugged coastlines around the Catlins.


Destination Weddings in Auckland and New Zealand. Check out Romantic Auckland New Zealand information about things to do on a honeymoon or romantic getaways, romantic restaurants and unique accommodations & wedding locations in and around Auckland.

Traveler and Local's Recommendations for Romantic Getaways written by real people - rather than tourist boards or corporations.

Ever considered Romantic New Zealand Hiking ? New Zealand scenery provides the ideal opportunity for romance. You could book some cozy and romantic accommodation in one area and choose a different walk to do each day throughout your vacation.

New Zealand climate

Temperatures sometimes exceed 30°C and fall below 0°C only in the elevated inland regions. Generally speaking, rainfall and humidity is higher in the west than the east of the country due to the north-south orientation of the mountain ranges and the prevailing westerly/north westerly winds.

New Zealand's seasons are the reverse of the Northern Hemisphere's. In summer there's plenty of sunshine, and activities in and around the water include rafting, snorkeling, canoeing, and kayaking. There's snow on the mountains in winter and excellent skiing. Away from the mountains, New Zealand winters are fairly mild.

Annual temperatures range from 10°C in the south to 16°C in the north of New Zealand. The warmest months are December, January, and February; the coldest are June, July, and August. The coldest month is usually July and the warmest month is usually January or February. In New Zealand generally there are relatively small variations between summer and winter temperatures, although inland and to the east of the ranges the variation is greater (up to 14°C). Temperatures also drop about 0.7°C for every 100 m of altitude.Sunshine hours are relatively high in areas that are sheltered from the west and most of New Zealand would have at least 2000 hours annually. The midday summer solar radiation index (UVI) is often very high in most places and can be extreme in northern New Zealand and in mountainous areas. Autumn and spring UVI values can be high in most areas.

Romantic New Zealand Vacation: destination directions

New Zealand has a comprehensive network of international and domestic airports. There are international airports at Auckland, Hamilton, Palmerston North, Wellington, Christchurch, Dunedin and Queenstown. The main gateways are Auckland and Christchurch, with Auckland servicing more than 20 destinations and a dozen airlines, and direct connections from Christchurch to Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Singapore, and Tokyo. New Zealand has extensive direct flight options to South Pacific nations such as Samoa, Fiji, Tonga and the Cook Islands.

Domestic airports make every part of the country accessible, from Kaitaia Airport in the far north to Ryan’s Creek Aerodrome on Stewart Island. Airport facilities vary according to the size of the local population. Domestic flights in New Zealand are often cheaper than driving or taking the train, especially if crossing between the North and South Islands is required.

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