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Start your vacation in Canada by including Montreal vacations on your itinerary. A brief tour of the Montréal map reveals several distinct areas with their own unique identities and contributions to the energy of the city. A stroll in Old Montréal takes you past Victorian architecture and down cobblestone streets toward Old Port Montréal where the city first enjoyed commerce. The entrance to this area, an open square called Place Jaques-Cartier, brings together local artists who perform on the street. A slow sashay down these streets, holding hands, feels like a moment forever captured in a different time. It’s very romantic.

Montreal, Canada began life as a shipping port but it has grown up into a cosmopolitan city that is easy to live in and intriguing to explore. The majority of the city’s population is French speaking and the influence of French culture, American life and the First Nations of Canada are in everyday life. In name and in cuisine Montréal gives a strong nod to its French origins. This city of neighborhoods rests along the coastline of the eastern Canadian province of Quebec.

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Montreal vacations: Downtown

The streets of Downtown Montréal are the modern cornerstone of the city’s trendsetting and commerce. Tall office buildings sit near the Montréal Museum of Fine Arts and the Montréal Museum of Contemporary Art. The mixture of colleges, the Stock Exchange Tower and La Ronde (an amusement park with rides) keeps the energy fresh and moving in this area of Montréal. This is not as laid back, like Old Montreal, but well worth a day’s visit. Away from the bustle of downtown is the district known as Hochelaga-Maissoneuve. Visit this area of town when you need to get away from it all. Green spaces were designed into the neighborhoods to work cooperatively with the Insectarium and Botanical Gardens. The Hochelaga-Maissoneuve district also houses the Montréal Biodôme, a unique set of ecosystems supporting native species from multiple latitudes. If you’re a green couple, this is a MUST see when you travel to Canada. Montreal vacations are full of experimentation and expression just as much as environmental awareness. No district expresses this better than the Plateau Mont-Royal. This strongly French influenced neighborhood blends families, artists, students and a myriad of cultures to create a vibrant source of creativity. The fashion district is rooted here and many boutiques sit next to trendy coffee shops. Wanna shop till you drop together – this is the place!

As you move toward the center, Montreal, Canada stands apart from other cities with a unique central park. Mount Royal resides in the city’s heart as a place to restore the balance of things. Beaver Lake is a man-made opportunity to spend time with important people and get a little fresh air. The three peaks of the mountain rise 764 feet and they were created from volcanic activity, although they are not actually volcanoes. Montreal, Canada might seem sprawling after a tour of the neighborhoods, but keep in mind that there are still parts of the city secreted away. The unique Underground area of the city begs to be explored. This complex series of underground buildings, known as La Ville Souterraine, holds some incredible shopping in a very individual and intimate environment. It’s the largest underground city of its kind.

Sometimes the charm of visiting a city is not in the museums, but in the everyday places that make living there unique. Montréal’s Marche Jean-Talon, the largest open air market around, gives even city dwellers a dip into the world of fresh produce and specialty foods. The open air markets are a reminder of Montréal’s close ties to the water and the vibrancy of life in each of the neighborhoods. Gather up some berries and cheese and have a spontaneous picnic.

Winter Montreal vacations

Winter gives you the option of exploring the outdoors around Montreal, Canada with cross country skiing and snow shoeing. Summer warmth coaxes the blooms out of gardens all over the city and encourages visitors to take walking tours or ride in horse drawn carts to view the wide range of architecture that is the hallmark of this European city. The old world charm of Montréal is hard to resist. The history of the city folds together seamlessly with the new and interesting worlds of fashion, art and food. The vibrancy of a sea port carries over into a modern day culture center.

One nickname for Montreal, Canada is the ‘city of festivals’ because it plays host to a wide variety of events and conventions. Between bike races through the city, Formula One racing and Olympic hosting, Canada has seen its share of excitement nestled in Montreal.

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