Romantic Mississippi River Cruise

Classic Cruising Destination in the U.S and New Orleans Cruises

The south is known for tradition, history, rich flavors, and beautiful sights and a Mississippi River Cruise has all that and the famous southern hospitality.

There are dozens of local tours on classic steamers. These are either restorations of riverboats or recreations. In both cases, you experience real steamships with huge wheels on the aft portion that provide the locomotion for the vessel.

Mississippi River Cruises have a distinct look and sound, unlike any ship you have boarded previously. Most of these cruises are very short, perhaps a couple of hours at the longest and highlight local attractions.

One really fun option for couples are dinner jazz cruises and themed cruises. Some are as short as a few hours. Just long enough to sit under the stars on the water and enjoy New Orleans style food. Another short cruise goes for two days with a captain well-versed in the sites and sounds all around. It’s great for a quick private get away.

Find Your Romantic Mississippi River Cruise

The Spirit of Pretoria is one of the Midwest’s most unique and historic riverboat overnight paddlewheeler offering 1-5 Day cruises on the Mississippi River and Illinois River. It is a replica of the nineteenth century riverboats that inhabited the nation’s waterways. Decorated in the “wedding cake” style, the Spirit mirrors a Mark Twain era riverboat, complete with an enormous 21-foot diameter paddle wheel.

A signature trip is the Peoria to St. Louis Mississippi river cruise is a 3-day, 2-night as it travels the Illinois River valley between Peoria and the “Gateway to the West,”—Saint Louis, MO. cruise

The Creole Queen is a 1,000 passenger Paddlewheeler is a luxurious excursion riverboat that is available for daily excursions dinner cruises. You can enjoy creole cuisine and live music while you cruise on the Mississippi River.

The River Boat Twilight offers a 2-Day Overnight Mississippi River Cruise for $349 including all meals, activities & lodging. Each afternoon on board features a variety of folk musicians and humorists. Destination Dubuque activities include museums, an aquarium, trolley tours, art galleries and historical architecture.

American Cruise Lines is currently building a paddlewheeler that will cruise the Mississippi River starting in summer 2012.

New Orleans Cruises: The longest Mississippi River Cruises (not a steamship) range around eleven days and travel from Chicago in the north, down the entire length of the river to New Orleans. Conveyance is the key to traveling on the river. At any given point, you can take a day or two in a rental car, and meet the ship at the next dock and really see the scenery. Another great feature is that the cost of a week (or longer) cruise is significantly less per person than ocean trips.

Blount Adventures offers 12 day New Orleans Cruises to Chattanooga.

DAY 1: New Orleans, LA

 DAY 2: Cruise Mississippi River

 DAY 3: Mobile, AL

 DAY 4: Demopolis, AL

 DAY 5: Tenn Tom Waterway

 DAY 6: Cruise by West Point, MS

 DAY 7: Jamie Whitten Lock

 DAY 7: Pickwick, TN

 DAY 8: Decatur, AL

 DAY 9: Guntersville, AL

 DAY 10: Tennessee River Gorges

 DAY 11: Chattanooga, TN

 DAY 12: Chattanooga, TN

Prices range from $3,459 to $4,219 depending on category. There is also the “Chicago to the Big Easy” 15 days / 14 nights cruise starting at $ 4,399.

These Mississippi itineraries will travel along scenic routes and vibrant ports of call. The Mississippi was the first real superhighway in the US. As early as 1811 steam powered riverboats began ferrying cargo and passengers along the longest river in North America. Old Man River is the nickname for this natural wonder, and it has long had a place in the history of the US.

Ports of Call on Mississippi River Cruises

One major city on the river is Saint Louis. The famous Gateway Arch stands over 650 feet tall, which makes it the tallest man made memorial in the country. What surprise many people is that there is a tram inside that takes visitors to the top of this unique steel edifice. The view from both sides is stunning and shows the scope of America’s lands. Take your camera and ask a fellow traveler to capture the two of you together.

As you travel south, there will be numerous small towns and cites, not the least of which is Knoxville Tennessee. Local bluegrass music is one of the true roots of modern country and rock and roll. There are also multiple places where you can sample southern foods that range from simple road-side diners to four star cuisine. From comfort food to fine dining, the towns along the Mississippi will keep you well fed and smiling with true Southern hospitality.

Travel on the smaller Mississippi River Cruises is very different for the seasoned traveler. The cabins on some ships are small, but several lines offer full size cabins that rival those on sea liners. For those who are still wary of traveling on water, day cruises coupled with bed and breakfast inns along the length of the Mississippi might work out perfectly.

Getting to Your Mississippi River Cruise

Chicago is one a major hub for travel in the US, so arrival is simple. There are flights from all over the world that connect to and land at O’Hare International Airport. Depending on the exact nature of your cruise, early arrival is always recommended. If possible, try to spend at least one day in Chicago, if for no other reason than sampling world-famous deep-dish pizza for two your own way.


The sea air, the sun, exotic lands and ports of call all combined with the delights of seeing the world with new eyes. Is there a better way to relax than a long leisurely cruise? Check out some Romantic Cruise Ship Vacations for two. You'll be on your way to the honeymoon or romantic getaway of your dreams.

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