Ideas for Michigan Honeymoons & Michigan Romantic Getaways

Don’t cross Michigan honeymoons off your list until you take a closer look. Michigan romantic getaways have a lot to offer in the way of both destinations and superb scenery. Whether you look to honeymoon on the lake, or looking inland, you’ll be surprised at what you discover.

Best time for a honeymoon in Michigan:

Generally it’s a good idea to avoid Michigan honeymoons in the winter. The cold and snow can be brutal and often interferes with airline travel (no one wants to start their honeymoon late!). Instead wait until spring has sprung. Summer and fall are great too (particularly if you come at a time when the trees are starting to turn).


Michigan romantic getaways: historic and romantic hotels, romantic restaurant in Detroit, and Ann Arbour and things to do for couples. All about cherry tarts, famous creamy fudge, tulips and Antiques Markets. Alpena vacation getaway and great choices for small towns perfect for romantic weekend getaway.

Michigan honeymoons Destinations:

So where can you go in Michigan to experience real romance? Mackinac Island is a Michigan romantic getaways destination at the top of the list. Just off the shoreline of Michigan, this little island has so much charm and character – you’ll love it! Take a long stroll on the boardwalk, hop on a horse and carriage ride under the moon, visit the butterfly conservatory or join in with the locals for any number of ongoing events. In particular lovers might want to come in June for the lilac festival, in August for the music festival, or September for the antique festival. For accommodations you have your choice of historic inns, cottages, vacation condos, bed & breakfast facilities, hotels, and two resorts.

A second hot spot for Michigan honeymoons is Traverse City . Focus on a fall vacation so you can enjoy the regional grapes, the wine tours, and the beauty of Lake Michigan right at your feet. During summer months, there are beaches you can enjoy along with a go-kart race track. Dowtown you’ll find all the shopping and nightlight you could want, and the area is also host to casinos run by the Ottawa and Chippewa tribes.

For a truly romantic romantic getaway in Michigan moment, head out on a tall ship at sunset. What else might you do in Traverse? How about going to a lighthouse museum, walking a corn maze (get lost for a few moments with your sweetheart), attending a horse show, or coming during the spring for the National Cherry Blossom Festival? When it rains cherry blossoms, it’s a perfect time to snap a picture. And there’s no need to worry about accommodations – Traverse City has over 4,000 rooms of various types, one of which is sure to fit your tastes and your budget. If you’re looking for pampering try the Grand Traverse Resort.

Heating it up on Michigan honeymoons:

Two more destinations worth a look for a potential Michigan honeymoon are Torch Lake and Hell. Yes, really. Ok, we chose Torch Lake in part because of its name, but also because its one of the most beautiful lakes in the world – nearly as blue as any Caribbean water! The name Torch Lake comes from Ojibwa who used the lake by night for fishing (by torchlight!). The waters here cover 29 square miles making it a great spot to swim, boat, or fish. Here you’re only half an hour away from Traverse City if you want a little more activity on your Michigan romantic getaways, which offers casinos, water parks, nearby wineries and golfing.

What of Hell? Well, we promise Michigan honeymoons won’t go to hell in a hand basket, that’s for certain! The story goes that George Reeves and his family settled this area in 1838. Here he ran a distillery often making moonshine. So when the local farmers delivered grains there, the horses often returned alone. If someone asked, “where’s the rider” his wife might reply, “he’s gone to hell.” Thus as a joke in 1841 when the State asked Mr. Reeves what he wanted to call the town, he replied “call it hell, everyone does”. Thus Hell Michigan was born.

So what does one do on Michigan honeymoons when visiting hell without Dante as a guide? Well, you could visit Hell Creek Ranch (or Corral), rent a kayak, shop for glassware, motorcycle or enjoy any number of humor-laden events.

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