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Planning Maui weddings can be as simple or elaborate as you wish. You can find a local wedding planner to help with coordinating everything from leis to music or have a simple barefoot ceremony on the beach with just the witnesses. Whichever style of Maui weddings you choose from the moment you step off the plane in Maui, the island seems filled with magic.

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About Maui weddings in Hawaii
The second largest of the Hawaiian Islands, but the third most populated locals call Maui by the nickname “The Valley Island” thanks to it's wrinkled topography. It's tropical allure makes it one of the most popular destinations in the world for new couples and general tourism. It is thanks to this traffic that the people of Maui are well versed in giving you a wedding event that is almost impossible to equal anywhere in the world.

Maui Weddings Traditions:

Why not consider Weddings that includes some traditional island customs integrated into the event. have one member from each family exchange leis as a way of showing love, respect, and the joining of two households.

From getting a ukulele player to entertain the guests to have the bride’s arrival announced with a conch shell there are many fun ways to celebrate Maui weddings with a Hawaiian flair.

A stylish addition to Maui weddings on the beach is surrounding it by a circle of fresh flowers. The circle, similar to your wedding ring, represents eternity, as well as family and unity.

For Maui Weddings reception one can continue the overall ambiance by having a luau. This allows your Maui Weddings guests the opportunity to taste unique local foods in a relatively casual setting. For entertainment consider a poi spinner – they’re amazing! Alternatively perhaps have a clam bake right on the beach followed by a bonfire where everyone can get cozy and romantic. You’re in an area where fresh fish and fruits are abundant, so ponder those items for your reception menu.


After Maui Weddings, the romantic island offers so many wonderful sights and activities you might find it hard to choose which ones to enjoy. To the West of the Island are the beautiful beaches of Lahaina. Be forewarned however that Lahaina becomes very crowded during tourist season and that may not lend itself to having truly intimate moments.

As an alternative, drive northward and experience Mokuleia Bay and Honolua Bay. These aren’t “big name” stops, but incredibly romantic.

Central to Maui is the Valley State Monument Park, which redefines the meaning of the words lush and green. The neighboring town of Wailuku offers you a chance to slow down a bit and enjoy some antique shops. Also consider stopping by Kepaniwai Park and Heritage Gardens. Here you’ll get a taste of gardens designed in ways to represent various cultural groups on the island.

Maui is the home of some of the world's most striking vistas. Maui weddings are like no other and everyone who attends will treasure the moment. By taking a little time and planning ahead, you can create the wedding that everyone will buzz about for years to come.


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