Romantic Maine Honeymoon

Maine is a smaller state, but it has more to offer than many larger places. This is where the modern world takes a breather and lets you start your life together on a peaceful note.

Have you pondered a Maine honeymoon? maine-honeymoon It's true, when most people think of honeymoon destinations, the state of Maine is not typically at the top of the list. You can move it well up the list because there is more to Maine vacations than you think.

Romantic Maine Vacations on the Coast and the interior
The coast is one of the most popular summer sailing destinations in the States and the interior still boasts forests that will enable you to walk for hours through quiet sylvan settings. Winter Main vacations can also offer activities and comforts that many people forget. The snow-covered vistas are truly astounding.


Maine Honeymoon

Regardless of when you go, there are more than enough places to see. One of the best ways to enjoy your honeymoon in Maine is by mapping out where you want to go and selecting bed and breakfast inns along the route. This keeps it really personal, and the size of the state makes driving from one scenic place to another remarkably easy. With winding roads and enough forest and hills to present picture perfect imagery every mile, there are quite a few people who take road trips through the state without a firm destination in mind at all.

Romantic Maine Vacations

To separate the state into regions for travel is the best way to start. On a northeast Maine honeymoon, you’ll find Aroostook County. maine-vacationsThis is crisscrossed, as is much of the state, with rivers and streams. Any trip to Maine as a whole should include some canoe and rafting on the itinerary, and Aroostook is no exception. Another popular activity on a Maine honeymoon or romantic getaway is mountain biking along the trails.

Even casual rides through the woods and along the farmlands will give you a healthy workout surrounded by some of the most relaxing scenery you have ever been part of. During a winter Maine honeymoon there are enough cross country ski trails and snowmobile trails to keep any snow bug in you both well-appeased.


South along the coast you will be in what is referred to as Downeast & Acadia. This is where most people get their images of the classic northeast sailing towns. maine-romantic-vacation-lighthouse There are historic homes that set the standard for much of the architecture associated with America, and places to take sail on the north Atlantic. The best part is that you can find restaurants that feature the famous Maine lobsters fresh off the boats (yum!).

Cobscook and Passamaquoddy Bays, Maine Vacation

Here you’ll find Cobscook and Passamaquoddy Bays. These two bays are famous for the extreme tides, especially during the spring. The difference between low and high tides can vary as much as twenty feet! This leads to amazing shorelines and deep tidal pools full of life. There are also wonderful places where you might catch sight of the whales that originally drew fleets of boats to hunt them, but are now recovering and draw more people to see these magnificent creatures. Take a romantic walk at low tide and collect some of nature’s gifts to take home.


As you continue along the coast to the south est, you enter the Mid-Coast. Again, there are many of the same activities as Downeast & Arcadia, but if you’re honeymooning in the middle of August stop in Rockland. There is a lobster festival and besides the food, people have been attending this event for over sixty years.


It is more than just a feast; it is a celebration of the relationship people have had with the sea and a fantastic community-building event. Combine your celebration with this one and treat it as though it is all for you. Once you tell people you are on your honeymoon and are spending it there, you will be made to feel even more welcome.

The coast extends through two more areas, the Greater Portland stretch and what is referred to as the Maine Beaches. These are where you start to encounter the more traditional beach side towns with sand and surf, but still with that same familiar northeastern feeling.


The northwest of the state is filled with rivers and mountain trails that give you more opportunities to get away from crowds and hectic urban areas and just relax. This is also a direct connection with out rivers interfering to Canada, so visitors from that country can simply present a passport at the border and enjoy the same views and memories.

Maine is a smaller state, but it has more to offer than many larger places. This is where the modern world takes a breather and lets you start your life together on a peaceful note.

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