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Cruises for Couples Setting off on a Romantic, Glamorous Adventure

There is nothing that says romance like a luxury cruise vacation. Lazy days on the deck (or in your cabin), romantic nights, dancing under the stars, what is there not to love about this mode of travel? The allure has practically screamed romance since the beginning our sea voyaging roots.

Romantic Luxury Cruise Linesluxury-cruise-vacation

There are some smaller cruise lines that focus just on romantic luxury cruises, with well-trained devoted crews, a closer attention to detail and the little touches that make a romantic cruise special.

If you are planning on that special cruise with your special someone you may want to take a look at Sea Dream Yacht Club , an all inclusive floating palace, with a crew complement of ninety five, only takes on one hundred twelve passengers at a time on either of its twin “mega yachts”.

With the smaller cruise lines like Sea Dream Yacht Club doing so well, the larger cruise lines had to step up their game. Windstar Cruise Line now has smaller more intimate ships at sea, including the Windstar, which carries only a hundred and forty eight passengers and operates both under sail and power. How romantic is that?

Taking the time and looking around you can always find a reason and a way to take that romantic luxury cruise vacation with the one you love.

Holland America Alaska Luxury Cruise Lines

Alaska’s rugged and wild beauty has drawn visitors for years, and Holland America Alaska Cruises show you the best of Alaska in luxury style. Holland America offers you a choice of several options of cruises to Alaska for your pleasure to enjoy this State. The first are seven to fourteen day luxury cruises, and another has land and rail options.

The Seven to Fourteen Day Luxury Cruise

There are three seven day cruise offerings, each with its own charms and one spectacular fourteen day cruise.

The fourteen day cruise, called “The Ultimate Alaska Adventurer” takes you from Seattle, Washington to Anchorage, Alaska at its zenith and back. While this doesn’t sound exciting, it’s the parts in between, that are breathtaking. On the way to Anchorage, for example, while you spend your time aboard ship, watch for whales and marveling at the other sights, your ports of call are just as amazing

Why not have flowers and champagne or chocolates waiting in the cabin for your lover or a reservation at the exclusive restaurant on board for a late dinner already made? Crews are well-accustom to providing extra touches on luxury liners. They’ll even help you plot a surprise or two if you ask.

Go for the Luxury of an All Inclusive Cruise

All inclusive cruises give you excitement and adventure in an easy package with all your meals, entertainment and accommodations combined together in the cruise price. With so many activities on constantly updated ships, you can make the trip fit your own idea of what the perfect vacation looks like.

A cruise becomes your personal adventure on the seas, but there are a few outings and extras (like drinks) that are an additional charge. You might be provided with a ship's credit card for making purchases on board, but be aware of what things cost as you swipe. Do beware of the extra's - they do add up.

Ports of Call on your Luxury Cruise Vacation

Exotic ports of call and on board activities can make you dizzy with options, but if you pick up the ship’s newsletter you’ll start to get your sea legs and relax into the flow. Be sure to leave open spaces in your schedule for relaxing and resting too!


The sea air, the sun, exotic lands and ports of call all combined with the delights of seeing the world with new eyes. Is there a better way to relax than a long leisurely cruise? Check out some Romantic Cruise Ship Vacations for two. You'll be on your way to the honeymoon or romantic getaway of your dreams.

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