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for last minute getaways, romantic honeymoons and elopements, save on vacation packages and all inclusive holliday destinations.

Last minute vacation deals are perfect for when you suddenly have free time to get away from your normal schedule. The issue then becomes but what to do with your break. Since you haven’t had time to plan or budget, trying to figure out where to go and what to do may feel daunting. Ok, first off – relax. No one says you HAVE to go anywhere.

Here you will find some hot Last Minute Vacation Deals for; luxury vacations, Asia travel deals, Last Minute Cruises.

Check out major resorts to see if you can grab a cancellation at a great price. One way to find those is to call the resort directly and ask. It can be that simple, but you have to be ready to accept packages that might not be tailor- made to your preferences. Paying separately for flight and hotel will carry a higher cost than getting a combination deal.

Getting a flight quickly can also be a little more expensive, but that’s offset by what you save for the “last minute vacation deals.” Everything can be done within a few days or even less.

Last Minute Vacation Deals packages invariably offer the best rates.

Special arrangements between the airline and the hotel make them money by feeding each company customers and the couple gets the benefit of Last Minute Vacation Deals at a better price than what you could get on their own.

Here is a website that simultaneously searched many of the major travel websites which mean you can get Up to 50% off with Last-Minute Deals: Flights, Hotels, Cars, & Packages! -- - fly any time of day, on any major airline, stay in any name-brand hotel or rent from any of the top 5 U.S. rental car agencies. Flexible visitors enter their travel date(s) and offer amount for an airline ticket, hotel room, or rental car.

With a bit of planning and research you should be able to find a Last Minute Vacation Deals package to your dream location that offers just what you seek.

There are often great deals available to Hawaii, Las Vegas, Mexico and the Caribbean. There are Mexico Air + Hotel vacation packages from $471 pp.

Save up to 50% on Auctions Closing Soon at Luxury Link for a last minute vacation deals on luxury travel to top travel destination go where sophisticated travelers go for inspiration, to indulge their passion for discovering the world's best places to stay, and to find exceptional values. Through the Auction and Buy Now offers, you can purchase the perfect package – often up to 65% off its retail value.

Hotels are another typical part of all inclusive Last Minute Vacation Deals. No need to worry about where to stay once you arrive from your flight or cruise. Pay once and be assured of your accommodations for the entire getaway. Along with hotel and transportation, last minute vacation deals often include scuba diving or horseback riding.

Save up to 50% at Sandals Grande St. Lucian

If you don’t feel qualified to make these types of arrangements, contact a travel agent. They have more resources, and the slight cost incurred for their services is often offset by perks the agent provides. Just one word of caution: the time that you have available together should be balanced against the time that you will have to travel to any destination. There is little point in having a vacation if a large portion of it is spent in airports.

When you don’t have a lot of time for planning a vacation, take just a few hours to look for places and deals starting with your local and expanded region. Hop on the internet and type in the words “event calendar _______” (fill in the blank with your city or county). You’ll be surprised. Nearly everyday is a holiday somewhere. Now go find it together and have fun!

For ideas and some great offers check out our honeymoon vacation packages article.

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Last Minute Vacation Deals for Hotels

Another option for last minute vacations is considering intermediate distance destination. Check a map and plot out anywhere from 4 to 8 hours of driving and look for attractive possibilities. This can lead to bed and breakfast stops along the way as you create your own vacation tour. When you find a spot that catches your interest, check with local tour guides to find out where to go next. You’ll find most people love to offer advice to couples in the hopes they’ll come back again over the years. Plus they’ll tell you about those hidey-holes that no one else gets to see. It’s a grand adventure.

Last Minute Vacation Deals -- Asia travel deals

Romantic travel destinations are abundant in Asia. This is one of the more diverse and visually stunning areas in the world. Architectural wonders and sacred spaces flourish every where - from the Great Wall of China and the temples of Angkor to lesser known marvels in Thailand.

If you are looking for a romantic getaway try the search engine to find the perfect Asia travel deals.

Last Minute Vacation Deals -- Romantic Cruise Vacations

Check out CruiseDirect's last minute cruise deals, selected by CruiseDirect's expert staff.

Looking for an Last Minute Cruises to Alaska or Caribbean? For discount Caribbean cruises use the search box to find your best romantic winter cruise deal with Royal Caribbean or any of the cruise lines.

Find more romantic Alaska cruise, Eastern, Southern or Western Caribbean cruises, Norwegian cruises or European cruises by utilizing the latest advances in technology, such as live pricing and availability, it as easy to research, arrange, and book reservations online- without any hassles.

Since they work with the best suppliers in the business they can ensure that you will always get the lowest price for your cruise. In fact, they are so confident you won’t find a better rate, they even offer a 100 % guarantee.

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Not sure what are the best places to travel to in December, January, February and March? Check out our Romantic Winter Destinations. Our Cheap honeymoon destinations also has some great sources for finding the best deals for romantic honeymoons and getaways.

Last minute deals at Sandals Resorts

Or why not consider your own back yard as a potential vacation spot – literally or figuratively. People often overlook close resorts and hotels because they are so familiar. There may be local attractions and activities you’ve completely missed or haven’t enjoyed in many years. By gathering a list from nearby locations you can plan some outings that won’t eat up all your spare time, but also offer enjoyment and leisure. At the end of the day, you still get to fall into your comfortable bed together, not worrying about a hotel’s service level or dining facilities. It’s the best of two worlds.

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