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Elope to Lake Tahoe and Enjoy a Lake Tahoe Honeymoon or Romantic Getaway


Lake Tahoe Vacations – the Perfect Destination for Nature-Loving Couples!

The minute you set foot in Lake Tahoe, you will just know that a romantic, exhilarating vacation awaits you! Lake Tahoe, the actual body of water, is where the states of California and Nevada meet and are separated. Lake Tahoe, the destination, is where couples – married or otherwise – meet to enjoy the serenity and seclusion that make a vacation romantic.

This fabulous Lake Tahoe vacation’s destination boasts just about 300 days of sunshine each year, making it the ideal playground for couples who want to visit throughout the year. You can truly count the number of bad-weather days experienced in Lake Tahoe, which is a major part of why the destination is so appealing to vacationers.


In particular, couples interested in a destination for hosting their wedding, spending their Lake Tahoe honeymoon, celebrating their birthday or marriage anniversary, babymoon or just getting away for a while are big fans of this location. Check out elope to Lake Tahoe for additional romantic ideas.

North or South Lake Tahoe vacations?

Just what kind of romantic Lake Tahoe vacation are you looking for?

Well, for couples who want to spend their time together in a more serene and scenic location, North Shore Lake Tahoe is the perfect option.

There, you can spend your days relaxing by the glistening lake and your nights enjoying the fresh mountain air at an outdoor dining restaurant.

If excitement and lively entertainment are more up your street, then South Shore Lake Tahoe vacations is the best bet.

You can expect to find nightly entertainment at any of the location’s casinos and night clubs.

Full shows featuring some of the world's top comedians, musicians and full musical extravaganzas are the order of the day.

The night life at these resorts will get your heart pumping and feet moving. The next morning there is cool clear lake where to calm the pounding head so the day goes smoothly. That is service with a smile and an ice pack.

The best thing about the two halves of the lake is that getting from one to the other is easy.

You can rent a car and have the personal freedom to come and go when the mod strikes you, or leave the driving to one of the multiple services that keep couples moving without worry around the lake.

Where to Stay on Lake Tahoe Vacations

Couples vacationing in Lake Tahoe or looking for a honeymoon spot will have an array of places to choose from. Depending on your budget, you can find low-budget motels, romantic villas and inns, rustic cabins and luxury resorts. It’s all waiting for you in Lake Tahoe!

South Lake Tahoe Hotels

The other thing about a Lake Tahoe honeymoon or romantic vacation is that you have to consider is the size of the area. There is not just one resort, there are multiple, each with a different theme, feel and price.

Try this free unique search tool that scans multiple hotel reservation websites simultaneously to help you find the lowest rate. We use it regularly as it eliminates the need to search major websites one by one in and compare prices and availability.

Romantic Things to do and Honeymoon Ideas

Couples who visit Lake Tahoe can choose from a myriad of activities to participate in:

• Making use of the many tennis courts and golf courses around Tahoe for the more active lovers

• Spending hours laying on the beach and soaking up the Lake Tahoe sun together

• Renting paddle boats and sailboats to enjoy some time alone on the lake or in the sea

• Participating in activities like horseback riding, camping or fishing

• Doing more physical activities like hiking through the trails or mountain biking

Of course, there are also great activities for couples on Lake Tahoe vacations during the winter season.

Again, if you’re more of the physical type, there are several activities you can do together like cross-country skiing, snowmobiling, inner-tubing or snowshoeing.

And for the more laid back romantics, you can cuddle while taking a romantic sleigh ride across the snow-kissed ground.

Lake Tahoe receives just about 400 inches of snowfall each year, which adds to its romantic appeal and makes it a great winter destination.

Don’t Leave Tahoe Without It!

For every couple who visits Lake Tahoe, there are two things that you should definitely experience before you leave:

Sunset dinner cruises on Lake Tahoe are completely breathtaking and romantic! Many guys have used this opportunity with the backdrop of the sun setting over the lake to offer a marriage proposal to their partners. Needless to say, there are very few ladies who have declined!

The Cal-Neva Hotel and Casino is a must-see for couples visiting Lake Tahoe. Why? Because the building is constructed on the state line that separates California and Nevada. In fact, the line runs through the middle of the swimming pool, and couples enjoy being able to swim across the state line from California to Nevada.

Getting to Lake Tahoe Vacations

Because of where Lake Tahoe is located, it is very easy for you to get there. Visitors from across the US and the world can simply board a flight to either Nevada or California and connect to their Lake Tahoe destination from there. So what are you waiting on? If what you’re looking for is a romantic vacation destination, you’ve found it in Lake Tahoe!

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