Lake Tahoe Honeymoon


Elope to Lake Tahoe for a Tahoe destination wedding and you are already on your romantic Lake Tahoe vacation

A Lake Tahoe honeymoon has been a popular choice for over 100 years and the resorts, large and small, have been striving to make the occasion the milestone that it is meant to be.

Lake Tahoe is one of the most popular destinations in the southwestern United States.

The primary reason is the incredible landscape. When most people think of that part of the country, they think of desert vistas and vast wastelands full of rattlesnakes, cactus and cowboys.

But the truth is that this center point on the border between California and Nevada offers an amazing collection of rolling hills, majestic mountains and an alpine lake.

When to go on a Lake Tahoe Honeymoon

The climate is wonderfully moderate in the summer, with sun and gentle breezes, and a snowy adventure with blue and white panoramas during the winter months.

Before you go on a Lake Tahoe honeymoon, you need to determine how long you want to travel and how long you want to stay on your Lake Tahoe vacation. Many new couples tend to forget that the time spent in transit both to a destination and back can affect your mood.

When making your reservations, give yourself a buffer of a day when you arrive and at least one when you get home. Without taking travel time into account, many people feel as though they need a vacation to recover from a trip away from home.

Besides you’ll want to be charged up for the honeymoon night! Or make things simple and elope to Lake Tahoe for a destination wedding - that way you will already be on your Lake Tahoe honeymoon.

The other thing about a Lake Tahoe honeymoon is that you have to consider is the size of the area. There is not just one resort, there are multiple, each with a different theme, feel and price.

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South Lake Tahoe Hotels

Romantic Tahoe honeymoon ideas

The activities range from casual hikes and browsing through shops in the area, to casino excitement and spectacular live shows. For something closer to nature, there are also trails where you can ride horseback or hike up to 165 miles especially during the summer months. We don't mean all at once (take it slow – be romantic), but you can walk a different road every day and never repeating the same path while you are here. If you like the water, you have just as many options. There are lakeside mini-paradises where you can do anything from learning to water ski (including lessons for the novice) to the professional rentals that will give you the ride of your life. Of more relaxed water recreation, try the canoes that are readily available for rent.

Several resorts offer bungalows right on the water and cabins made specifically for a new couple, so you can even just sit and relax with one of the most fantastic views anyone has seen right in front out the front door.

Winter Lake Tahoe honeymoon ideas

Come the winter months, the slopes are some of the most varied and exciting in the world. There are almost 20 resorts in Squaw Valley on the north shore of the lake alone, so you can look for the slopes and price range that suits both your spirit and wallet. But even those who don't think that strapping two sticks to their feet and hurling themselves down a mountain sounds like fun for a Lake Tahoe honeymoon can still have fun in the snow. Toboggans, tubing, snowboarding and snowmobiles are all activities you can take advantage of, again from the novice to the expert, there are equipment rentals and classes so you can be laughing and enjoying the powder with each other. Don’t forget to stop and have an old fashioned snow ball war.

Lake Tahoe Honeymoon Hotels and Casinos

Exclusive of the seasonal action and attractions, you have seven major casino hotels that provide full service and have some of the best entertainment packages for a honeymooning couple.

Again, there are two sets with their own draws, several on the northern end of the lake and an equal number on the southern end.

Casinos are accustom to doing everything “bigger” and truly can become a destination wedding or Lake Tahoe Honeymoon all by itself.

But Lake Tahoe is not just any one place. It is a wilderness wonderland, a quiet get away for two, a whirlwind entertainment destination and more. You just have to get there and let your whims take over. Remember those cameras and lots of film. You’ll go through it very quickly.

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