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Romantic Italy vacations are some places in the world that just invoke love and romance, and Italy is certainly one of those places. Many couples visit Italy every year as part of their italian honeymoon or a weekend getaway or romantic vacation for two. If you had Italy vacations on your list of options, you will definitely have all your needs fulfilled for romance if you choose that country as your destination.

On your vacations to Italy, a rich culture, stunning landscapes and views and beautiful cities await you – all you need to do is hop on a flight and start your Italian honeymoon or romantic vacations in this marvelous country.

Favorite Italy Destinations for Couples

Because Italy is a huge country, you won’t be able to do everything in one day. So here is some important information to know for those on vacations to Italy or weekend getaways. . My personal favorite is Cinque Terra but take note of the most popular spots you can visit on your vacations.

Romantic Weekend in Venice
When you hear the name Italy, one of the first places that you may think about is Venice. That is because Venice perhaps has the most appeal in terms of tourists visiting Italy. Venice is most famous for the winding canals that run through the city and the ability for people to take romantic rides on the boats known as gondolas. During their Venice romantic weekend couples can enjoy a luxury ride on a gondola, just the two of them, and get lost in each other’s presence. Apart from taking in a canal ride, couples in Venice can also visit the picturesque churches and other structures that exist in Venice, including the Piazza San Marco. There are also really romantic and private restaurants that you can share a romantic meal at.

Capri, Italy - Capri is another favorite for tourists, even since the Roman days. The views, secluded and private coves and the overall beauty and appeal of Capri are what make it one of the most romantic destinations in Italy. Capri is definitely one of those destinations suited for couples who what their vacation time to themselves!

Lake Coma, Italy- Lake Como will definitely provide a romantic Italy experience for couples. It is actually a lake that is surrounded by hills and mountains and lined with beautiful villas and villages. Bellagio is actually one of the most romantic villages in Lake Como where couples can enjoy living and dining in fine style.

Portofino romantic getaways and Italy vacations - For couples who want more a small town romantic Italy vacations, Portofino is perhaps the best area for them to stay. This is a seaside village with small restaurants and cafes lining the shore of the harbor. Aquatic life is rich, and appeals to people who might enjoy spending time with nature. There is also the opportunity to walk on a scenic route to the lighthouse nearby.

Positano is also one of the most romantic places in Italy. It is a town that is built right on the face of a cliff, which gives visitors the opportunity to stare at a stunning view any hour of the day. There are also romantic restaurants and hangout spots for couples to enjoy each other's company.

Destination Calabria

Italy vacations: Getting a lot Done on your Italian honeymoon or romantic getaway.

Because Italians are naturally romantic people, they have made sure that there is a lot to do for couples on romantic Italy vacations. Your options will definitely need to include:

  • An opportunity to ski along the Italian Dolomites
  • Taking a short cruise on a romantic cruise line
  • Exploring the awe-inspiring Amalfi Coast
  • Explore the wide range of art pieces in museums found in Florence

Finding your way to Italy vacations

Getting into Italy is fairly simple for people coming from various parts of the world. There are many carriers that land in the major airports in Italy every day. Alitalia, the national airline of Italy, makes many flights throughout the day to and from many countries across the globe. The main airports in Italy are located in Rome and Milan, although people also have the option to land at Venice Airport. In fact, there is a daily non-stop connection between New York and Venice on Delta Airlines.

You are probably now imagining what a wonderful time you and your loved one are going to have on Italy vacations. Whatever information you acquire is nothing compared to what you will truly experience thanks to the beauty and romantic charm and appeal of the Italian culture and people.

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