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If somebody you know recommended Ireland vacations as a romantic destination, it is probably because they know just how romantic Ireland destinations and a romantic weekend getaway in Ireland can be! Many people who go to Ireland are shocked, although pleasantly so, to find out that Ireland is such a romantic and warm place to visit, especially for couples on a Ireland honeymoon or just a romantic vacation or getaway for two. And you can’t get more romantic than having adestination wedding in Ireland.

In case you did not know, Ireland is actually an island, and is the 3rd largest in Europe and the 20th largest in the world. It is also surrounded by hundreds of islands and smaller bodies called islets which help to make Ireland on the romantic destination that it is. There are so many historical tales and stories of love and romance about Ireland that make the setting the perfect place for people to strengthen their romantic and loving bond.

Ireland - Love is in the Air at Irish Hotels and Resorts

Your first sign of romance when you get to Ireland will be the resort or hotel that you end up staying at. The people of Ireland have made sure that their accommodation is fitting for couples who are there to enjoy each other's company and what Ireland has to offer. Accommodation ranges from hotels to villas and private homes. The most noteworthy ones that are ideal for couples on Ireland for vacations include:

  • The Village at Lyons Demesne in Kildare
  • The Ritz Carlton Powerscourt in Wicklow Hills
  • The Cliff House Hotel in Waterford
  • Moy House in Clare
  • Coxtown Manor in Donegal Bay
  • The Merrion Hotel in Dublin
  • Rent a romantic cottage in Ireland

Ireland vacations - Activities Tailored for Two on a Romantic Weekend Getaway in Ireland

Once you have settled in your hotel or resort, you will probably be interested in romantic things to do on your Ireland vacations and taking part in activities that both you and your partner can do together and enjoy the romantic ambience and atmosphere. Here is a list of some of the things you must to do while on your romantic Ireland vacations:

• Your Ireland vacations would not be complete without a visit to Lakes of Killarney. This is a beautiful place where you can sit on the side of the lake with your loved one and stare out into the open, or you can opt to go on boat rides on the lakes and just enjoy each other's company on your romantic weekend getaway in Ireland.

• The Cliff of Moher, which is about 395 feet above the Atlantic Ocean, is also a favorite spot for hopeless romantics on Ireland vacations. From that point, you can overlook the ocean and simply enjoy the quietness and serenity of the time you are spending together.

• Another romantic weekend getaway in Ireland must-do is a visit to Kinsale, which is an awesome picturesque village located in Ireland. This village gives the true feeling of Irish lifestyle and you and your partner can spend an entire day exploring and learning new things about the country.

• And of course, your Ireland vacations would have to include a visit to Waterford Castle, which is a 15th century castle situated on a tiny island on River Suir. This castle is rich in history and romance and would be the perfect place for an evening stroll or a chance to sit and grab a bite.

• If time and budget are no obstacles on your Ireland vacations, you absolutely need to try a tour of Dublin. Some of the tours start from as little as two nights and give you the chance to explore cities of Ireland like a native. You will get the chance to go through Waterford, Killarney and Cork, and even end up staying at Dromoland Castle. These tours usually involve allowing you to stay at five-star castles and manors, being treated to the finest Irish dining, and being able to explore the mediaeval towns. With some of these tours, you can have the option of being chauffeur driven and get the chance to visit many wonderful places in Ireland.

• Take a romantic train vacations in Ireland

• Your Ireland vacations would just not be complete unless you went and lay in the hidden places the Irish refer to “Dermot’s Beds”. These are hideaways that were originally used for resting by Dermot and Grainne, an ancient Irish couple who used to rest in them. You can even learn more about Irish romance by taking walks on the Burren, visiting ancient castles, strolling on beaches and lakes as well as spending time getting to know the people around you.

Ireland Vacations - How to Access Ireland

The island of Ireland can either be accessed by air or sea. By air, you would most likely land at Dublin airport which is just about 6 miles north of the city. By boat, you could get there by boarding at docks in France, Scotland or England.

While Ireland might not be the typical “sand and sea” romantic vacation destination, it is definitely a great place for a romantic weekend getaway and a place where people end up being pleasantly surprised because of how strong the romance is in this country.

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