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When to go on your Ireland honeymoon

Ireland’s weather is predictable. It rains a little bit almost every day. This is what keeps this beautiful island the lush Kelly green that it’s famous for. For the best weather, the focus on travel between May and September, but remember that this is also the tourist season, so be prepared. If you’re doing bed and breakfast retreats they fill up much more quickly now. If you want to escape the crowds, go off-season. Sure, you may have to cope with less than perfect weather, but you will have a lot more privacy and get more attention from the locals who love honeymooners.

The truth is the word honeymoon comes from Ireland.The honey refers to a drink called mead, which is honey wine, and the moon refers to the full moon, when the newlywed couple would be their most fertile. While you’re probably not thinking of children this on your Ireland honeymoon, why not go to the emerald isle for a slow-paced trip rich in history and folklore. Ireland’s romantic past is really the perfect place to celebrate your Ireland honeymoon or wedding.

Ireland destinations and things to do and see on a Ireland honeymoon

Ireland’s coast is a wild place, filled with high cliffs and goose bump-raising tales of pirates and buccaneers. It’s almost as fierce a landscape tale as the Caribbean in that respect, and every bit as picturesque. The Cliffs of Mohr are an integral part of those tales and one of the most romantic of Ireland destinations. Also along the coast you can find where Saint Patrick plucked the famous shamrock, illustrating the Trinity at the Rock of Cashel. If you enjoy a romantic picnic while driving the countryside make sure to watch for a shamrock and tuck it into your honeymoon scrapbook.

Fairytale Ireland honeymoon

There are fairytale castles to stay and play at in all sizes and shapes -- Adare Manor, Ashford Castle and Dromoland Castle, just to mention three. All offer accommodations, restaurants, and grounds that will allow you to live in luxury during your stay.

If fairytale castles aren’t to your liking on your Ireland honeymoon, how do you feel about fairytale villages? The heritage villages, which have been set aside to be preserved as national treasures, are complete with thatched roofed cottages and medieval churches. These towns are peopled with historical re-enactors to give you a sense of the history that pervades Ireland.

You can have medieval bounty in style at Bunratty, Dunguaire or Knappouge Castles. Each of these locations will have you feasting like a lord, complete with period music, dance and rhyme in the best Celtic style.

Ireland destinations: Dublin romantic weekend getaway in Ireland.

Dublin is one of my favorite cities, I lived here for a summer and have many tales of the friendliness of the locals. There are some amassing thin pancakes restaurants and the Guinness tastes nowhere like it tastes in Ireland.

If you choose to stay in Dublin on your Ireland honeymoon, take advantage of the public transportation and your feet. Don’t miss touring the Guinness Brewery. The historic two hundred fifty year old brewing company not only offers tours, but tastings of its wonderful stout. At the end of your tour you will end up in the Guinness bar which has the best views of Dublin and the most fantastic Guinness I tasted anywhere, and Daniel agrees.

Also there for the tasting is Irish “holy water” -whiskey. The Jameson Distillery tour is another must to add to your list.

Not to be missed on your Ireland honeymoon in Dublin is the Kilmainham Gaol, where the leaders of the 1916 Easter Uprising were imprisoned prior to their executions. The historic building is located near the Royal Hospital Kilmainham, which is now the Irish Museum of Modern Art. Speaking of which, take a stroll in here too! Or walk over to Trinity College and see perhaps the most famous book every on display, the Book of Kells. It’s beautifully illuminated pages, each one a work of art, was done by hand by monks in the early fourth century.

Ireland is the birthplace of one of my favorite authors / poets, Oscar Wilde, comes from. In Merrion Square, in the heart of Georgian Dublin, is a museum that remembers his life and work.

Temple Bar is is an Ireland destination full of character and charm it has preserved its medieval street pattern, with many narrow cobbled pedestrian streets. It's nice to stroll around and browse the myriad of small quirky shops during the day. However, on our last visit here we found the bars rammed to the brim with tourists and the prices were astounding! Walk through the area during the day but understand if you stop that you might be gouged on prices and/or quality.

If you want a true Irish “experience” on your Ireland honeymoon you can always rent a romantic cottage in ireland for a week or two and just snuggle down and pretend that the world doesn’t exist outside your own door.

Ireland honeymoon Shopping

Ireland’s crystal, textiles and ceramics rival that of any European country. Who hasn’t heard of Waterford crystal or Belleek china? You’ll discover craftspeople showing off skills handed down through generations everywhere you go. Their skills have made Ireland a great source for beautiful tableware, handmade clothes and other items. They can be found in stalls on the corner or in the malls. Ireland is a shopper’s paradise.

Ireland honeymoon Music and Nightlife

If you do nothing else, the nightlife in Ireland is amazing. Every pub is alive with the traditional music of Ireland. Played with the tin whistle, guitar, bodhran and fiddle, the music will rock the house. Everyone is encouraged to sing along.


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