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Here is our Romantic Unique Adventurous Honeymoon Story

There were plenty of honeymoon spots we were considering and since we could not decide on the best honeymoon spots we decided to take a month and enjoy several honeymoon destinations and combine several honeymoon ideas into the perfect dream honeymoon.

We took a road trip, sailed, skied, visited cites, forests, deserts canyons, relaxed on beaches, gambled, went on roller-coasters in famous theme parks, enjoyed fine dining and wine tours, encountered wild life, stayed in fancy hotels, rustic bed and breakfasts and romantic and cabins.

Here we share our our personal itinerary of famous, romantic and adventurous Honeymoon Spots.

Here Are Our Honeymoon Spots in Order of Appearance

1. Honeymoon Spots in Florida

A Orlando was the first stop on our unconventional honeymoon then we travelled down the eastern coast to Miami.

Here is our Florida Honeymoon Spots report on cozy restaurants, romantic things to do and see, distinctive accommodation and romantic ideas for city trips and weekend getaways.

Florida was the first stop on our unconventional honeymoon. Here is our report on cozy restaurants, romantic things to do and see, distinctive accommodation and romantic ideas for city trips and weekend getaways.

2. Honeymoon Spots in Luisiana

New Orleans for the second of our honeymoon spots -- we made sure our visit coincided with New Year celebrations.

3. Honeymoon Spots in Arizona

From New Orleans we flew across the country to Arizona. There our road trip began -- Sedona was the first stop followed by Flagstaff. Our next stop was the Grand Canyon, we drove and walked along the rim and stayed in a romantic cabin right on the edge.


Grand Canyon Vacations are an iconic American Experience and a great romantic location for weddings or honeymoons. It was one of our favorite honeymoon spots! Here is our report on the best sunset and sunrise spots, romantic lodging and restaurants - all the full spectrum of exceptional activities available year round at the Grand Canyon.

4. Honeymoon Spots on Route 66

After leaving the Grand Canyon we proceeded through Mojave Desert, Joshua Tree Park and down Route 66 all the way to San Diego and our romantic getaway in Los Angeles. Unfortunately it started to rain and Daniel had a brilliant romantic honeymoon idea.

5. Honeymoon Spots in California

We ended up driving to what is our top favorite of all the honeymoon spots - Big Bear Lake in the Inland Empire region of San Bernardino county in Southern California. A short distance from Los Angeles, Orange County and San Diego counties.

As we went up the rain changed into heavy snow and it was Sunday night so -- other vacationers were blinding us with their headlight since most were ending their weekend and heading home.


Daniel, who grew up in Europe, really enjoyed driving with snow chains for the first time in his life. I was less amused about driving in the mountains in a snow storm but when he surprised me with a romantic Cabin at Big Bear Lake with a fire place and jacuzzi in the room I knew it was worth it.

When we woke up in the morning there was lots of fresh snow! The slopes were fantastic and also the scene of my husbands first skiing lesson. After lunch and 3 hour course he decided he was ready for me to take him up the mountain.

It was a very slow descent, on various body parts, but it was soo much fun and we burned all the calories from our Grizzly Bear Breakfast special. By the end of our stay at one of our more active honeymoon spots -- Daniel comfortably skiing on blue and occasional black slopes.

California vacations

A Big Bear vacation can be enjoyed during any season - winter, spring, summer and fall. There are two first-rate ski resorts, tours in the secluded backcountry, an alpine village with boutique shops and plenty recreational activities in a spectacular natural setting.

Check out big bear romantic getaway for cozy and romantic cabins with a fireplace and Jacuzzi and romantic restaurants

The skiing was followed by sailing of the Santa Barbara coast and driving up to San Francisco on Highway 1 through Big Sur.

california-vacations-big-surThe Big Sur romantic getaway is the best of central coast destinations. It ranked second among all United States destinations in TripAdvisor's 2008 Travelers' Choice Destination Awards.The dramatic seaside cliffs offer spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean and there are many things to do and see in the 90 miles (145 km) of coastline between the Carmel River and San Carpoforo Creek.


From there we drove to San Francisco and took a flight and then we PROMPTLY ... eloped in Las Vegas. Las Vegas is one of the most romantic places to elope because it makes it easy to get married -- there's no waiting period, no obligatory blood tests and marriage licenses are notoriously cheap and accessible.

6. Honeymoon Spots in Nevada

las-vegas-honeymoonCHECK OUT OUR Las Vegas Honeymoon! Las Vegas is one of the top and honeymoon spots -- it is a place where you can buy luxury at the most affordable price in the world.

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