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Most people never consider taking a Honeymoon in Maldives. When you mention Maldives for island vacations the vast majority of people who you mention it will respond with a confused “What's that?”.

Then again, most people have never seen a perfect tropical island nation of almost 2,000 small islands. That is what Maldives is, a picture perfect collection of islands 435 miles south of Sri Lanka. Here, over 300,000 people live on low-lying islands with a welcoming smile for their major industry. That industry is you and your willingness to return. Tourists make up over 65% of the income for this country and for 30 years they have taken great care to do things the right way, every time, for their international guests.

Romantic Island Vacations
Getting to your honeymoon Maldives is, for most of the world, a long trip.

If you are coming from the US it can take the better part of 24 hours, so keep that in mind when planning your romantic island vacation.

Many people combine it with a cruise that includes Sri Lanka and other ports of call through the Indian Ocean. But regardless of how you get here, the open welcome you get starts as soon as you get to customs.


There are restrictions on bringing animals, alcohol or plants, and as this country is primarily Muslim, pork products of any sort are prohibited. But with a valid passport from almost any place on earth, you are immediately granted a thirty day visa! You will also need either $30 per day in cash or a confirmed reservation at a hotel and a return ticket, but with these simple arrangements you can have a month of carefree living in this amazing place.

What a way to begin a new life – with a taste of beauty and adventure all in one. Romantic Honeymoon Maldives always create fascination for all.

Once you get to the romantic islands, be ready to take lots of small ferries from place to place. These usually run a dollar per person, so with a collection of pocket change you can have access to more islands than you can imagine. There are also air transports to some of the more distant islands, but a trip from one to the other by boat gives you a chance to see the real character of the ocean as it changes from place to place. It also provides some much needed down-time from more “touristy” activities. If you choose air travel, seeing these islands from the air and the clarity of the ocean will give you smiling memories for decades to come. To tell the truth, maybe you should keep one coin out of that change to flip when you do have to make a choice as to how to get around!

Romantic Islands
Where to stay during your romantic honeymoon in Maldives?


Well, with almost 2,000 islands there are an amazing number of places to stay. Over one hundred resorts are listed and each of them offers something special.

Some will even give you the option of having a bungalow on a small island that is entirely dedicated to you alone! Imagine the shades of green people will turn when you tell them you spent your honeymoon on your own personal tropical island (ok I want to be there when you tell them).

The staff is nearby, but only when you have a need. Otherwise it is the two of you, and that is something that is precious and rare indeed. And besides long walks on soft sand with a tropical breeze sounds like fun, there is more to do than just that. Staying out of the water is something that people here just don't understand. Once you get in, you'll agree.

The water is clear to the point where you can see almost 50 meters to the bottom. For those in the US, that is 164 feet. Yes, the water is that clear. And no matter when you go to Maldives, the water is welcoming as there are no records of there ever being cold water. Warm, clear and full of coral reefs, schools of fish that look like jewels and beaches that will make you wish you could stay forever.

Romantic Honeymoon Idea
Bring a waterproof camera for some truly unbelievable shutterbug activity.

A romantic Honeymoon in Maldives may not be heaven, but if there are beaches and ocean shores in heaven, they were perfected in Maldives and copied.


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