Honeymoon Island Florida


Yes, Honeymoon Island Florida is an island, but it is not someplace that takes forever to get to. Part of Florida’s state park system, Honeymoon Island can actually be reached very easily by car from Tampa International Airport, and even that is only 40 minutes away. Save up to $500 on Florida Vacation Packages!

The entire Tampa metropolitan area is directly east, but when you are here, it might as well be on the other side of the world. The causeway that gives access to Honeymoon Island Florida is like a gate to another place and time. OK, so it’s a bridge, but the symbolism works.

Honeymoon Island Florida

florida-honeymoonOne feature of Honeymoon Island, Florida that is really wonderful is that you can have a customized wedding on the beach. The staff provide numerous services and they will adjust according to your needs and budget, but this is not a last minute thing. If you are considering this venue, you have to book well ahead of time.

It is also advised that you look into accommodations for your wedding party and guests as well when looking at potential dates. Remember that group rates are best if locked in early. You might loose a little in the way of cancellation fees, but that is better than having no place to put the relatives that come in for the big event.

Here are some great locations for Florida beach weddings.

Honeymoon Island Accomodation.

Now the Honeymoon Island, Florida itself has been looked at as a day trip destination as there are no hotels on the island, but again, the proximity to local accommodations after your wedding are endless.

There are locations near and far with everything from a simple roadside motel to full service hotels that will cater to your every whim (ask for that Champaign breakfast with strawberries).


Again, Given the number of tourists and other visitors to the Tampa area, we advise planning ahead to prevent last minute panic.

Once you pick a date and location and have it confirmed in writing you can focus on your destination wedding and planning the rest of your Florida honeymoons.

Florida beaches are the main draw on Honeymoon Island. These are white sand and the gulf waters are amazing. From this one island you can have a sunset that will literally etch itself into your memory forever. There are people who come from town to walk the mile long island and watch the sun turn the sky more colors than you can put into words as it touches, then sinks into the sea.

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Florida Honeymoons Ideas

Before you think that there is nothing to do on the island but have a walk and get sand in your shoes, keep reading.

The Go Orlando Card is one ticket gets you into the things you want to do in Orlando and the surrounding region. There are over 40 of the best attractions, shows, and tours in the program.

For those who don’t want to go that far, there are beach chairs near the café so you can work on that tan with a cool drink near at hand (or a coffee to get your day off on an energetic boost). Pull up a seat, read a good book, and rest your feet for a while.

There are also two types of kayak to rent, both single and double. One type is for the trailside waters and the other is for hitting the ocean. honeymoon-island If that much exercise sounds like more than you want to do, then rent a bike and take a casual ride along the trails (take a romantic picnic).

As we mentioned, the Honeymoon Island, Florida is near enough to the Tampa area to make this more than just a one-stop trip.

Tampa is full of some of the best nightlife and shopping in Florida. If that doesn’t get your attention, there is a place two hours to the east called Orlando. If you can’t find something to do there that will make you feel a little magical (think Mouse Ears), you just aren’t looking. Find out what makes a Disney vacation romantic

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