Top 10 Romantic Honeymoon Getaways in the US

There are many US Honeymoon Getaways that are exciting destinations for newlyweds, or those taking their long-delayed romantic getaway. Here is a list the most popular popular honeymoon destinations in the USA, you will be surprised what we found out. With the dollar dropping in value agains other currencies domestic honeymoons are becoming more popular.

Top 10 Ideas for Romantic Honeymoon Spots in the US


1. Las Vegas Honeymoon

Why Las Vegas? Las Vegas is one of the top Destination Wedding and honeymoon spots -- it is a place where you can buy luxury at the most affordable price in the world and experience Europe and Antiquity US style. Here you can find everything from Vegas packages, hotels, things to do and tours.


2.Florida Honeymoon:

Why Florida? diverse & desirable honeymoon destination. A Key West Honeymoon for a laid back honeymoon a Honeymoon in Orlando and for those young at hart even a Disney World honeymoon. A top choice for the occasion? Honeymoon Island Florida of course!


3. Alaska Honeymoon

Why Alaska? Alaska honeymoon is the choice of both adventurous and romantic couples and one of the major luxury honeymoon destinations. Here we compiled top ten unique ideas, of course also suitable for planning an extraordinary, exotic and romantic Alaskan getaway vacation for couples.


4. A Honeymoon in Hawaii often tops couples’ wish list of top 10 honeymoon spots.

Why Hawaii? Hawaii offers an outstanding mix of tropical island and modern luxury. Far out in the Pacific it provides endless vistas and perpetual ocean breezes. As a populous state and popular honeymoon getaways destination it offers all the luxury a couple in love might desire.


5. Poconos Honeymoon

Why Poconos? Passion, romance and great value! A Poconos romantic vacation is one of the more popular honeymoon destinations in the US – a place that is quiet, full of amazing beauty and so close that some people forget they exist.


6. Honeymoon in Virginia: Virginia’s motto is “Virginia is for Lovers” and that is not just words.

Why Virginia?This is the center point for the east coast and from the sea to the mountains it offers every chance to enjoy not just the scenery and places, but seeing and going together.


7. Michigan Honeymoons

Why Michigan? - on the lake, or looking inland, you’ll be surprised at what you discover. Just off the shoreline of Michigan, a little island has so much charm and character – you’ll love it! Honeymooners might want to come in June for the lilac festival, in August for the music festival, or September for the antique festival.

montana-honeymoon-getaways8. Montana Honeymoon

Why Montana? Montana offers a plethora of activities, for active couples you couldn’t ask for greater diversity. There are all types of accommodations in Montana ranging from a pampering spa to an old-fashioned log romantic cabin where no one can find you.

tennessee-honeymoon9. Tennessee Honeymoon

Why Tennesse? From thriving metropolitan cities to romantic getaways there is plenty to do and see on a Tennessee honeymoon, some of which may surprise you. Especially if you want to vacation somewhere that’s been the backyard to everyone from Davy Crockett, Casey Jones, to Elvis Presley.

10. Maine Honeymoon

Why Maine? This is where the modern world takes a breather and lets you start your life together on a peaceful note. The northwest of the state is filled with rivers and mountain trails that give you more opportunities to get away from crowds and hectic urban areas and just relax. South along the coast you will be in what is referred to as Downeast & Acadia. This is where most people get their images of the classic northeast sailing towns. There are also wonderful places where you might catch sight of the whales.

Check out our personal US honeymoon getaways itinerary of famous, romantic and adventurous Honeymoon Spots for Romantic Honeymoon Ideas inspiration.

We could not decide on the best honeymoon destination in the US so we decided to take a month and enjoy several honeymoon spots and combine several romantic honeymoon ideas into the perfect dream honeymoon.

On our US honeymoon getaways we took a road trip, sailed, skied, visited cites, forests, deserts canyons, relaxed on beaches, gambled, went on roller-coasters in famous theme parks, enjoyed fine dining and wine tours, encountered wild life, stayed in fancy hotels, rustic bed and breakfasts and romantic cabins.

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