Romantic Greek Island Vacations for Two

Basking in the warm Mediterranean sun, soaking up the birth of all cultures, Greek Island vacations offer the best of all worlds.

The beautiful island of Santorini offers up rich wines, grown from grapes that thrive in the volcanic soil there. While you arrive at Santorini at Athinios Port, touring the island is a must and it would be a shame not to taste the wine produced here. Take a trip to the capital, Fira and Oia, both in the shadow of the caldera, the bowl of the volcano that created the island and become charmed by the white washed walls and cobblestoned streets. Black sand beaches invite swimmers and the local tavernas invite you to taste local mezees or appetizers with your ouzo or retsina. Watch out for your feet - the sand gets scalding hot in the sun. Remember to bring a camera, the sunsets here are unparalleled.

The final destination for many cruises is the many islands of Greece. One of the most visited is the island of Santorini. Often thought of as the origin of the legend of Atlantis, this volcanically shaped island has a beautiful town perched on the cliffs overlooking the crystalline blue waters below.

Visiting the town above can be done by three ways. There are tour buses that make a long winding trip around the island and climb from the opposite side, a cable car that will take you from the dock to the center of town and a long winding set of stairs. The climb up is daunting, to say the least, but more for the donkeys that have been a traditional way of getting from the top to bottom. If you do walk, make sure to bring a pair of shoes you will not miss. The donkeys do what they do and you need to watch your step.

There are several restaurants in town, but there is one near the most used dock for the ship embarkations. The traditional Greek gyros made there are amazing and remarkably low priced and what ever you do – do not miss having a greek salad. After hours of nagging, Daniel finally gave in and had one – since then he was ordering them at every meal in Greece.

Whatever else do NOT miss the sunsets in Santorini or Mikinos. There is no sight so breathlessly beautiful, romantic and memorable. With the sea as a backdrop, you’ll find yourself sighing and snuggling until the last rays close against the horizon.

Mykonos Greek Island vacations

At the island of Mykonos, the legendary home of the Minotaur, you will find white washed homes on twisty winding streets and miles of beautiful beaches that beckon you to come play. Mykonos offers shopping and dining that proves the rule about the Greeks, that both are true social events. By the way, the landing site for most Greek Island cruises here is within walking distance of a beach so you can play in the water with tiny fish and collect some stones. Afterward walk up the hillside just a little way for a tasty lunch.

Romantic things to do in Mykonos on your Greek Island vacations:

Delos – this tiny island, less than 3 kilometers off Mykonos’ western coast is home to the cult of Apollo. Here there is a working archeological site and it has been declared a national museum. It is not possible to stay on the island overnight.

The Archaeological Museum at Mykonos – containing finds from Delos, Mykonos and Renia, the museum helps to tell the story of this area. Housed here is one of the earliest depictions of the Trojan horse, on a vase, dated to the seventh century BC.

Katakolon Greek Island Vacations

One of the greatest islands on any Greek Island vacations other than any of the Greek Islands or Athens may just be Katakolon, or Olympia. Yes, that Olympia, the home of the original Olympic Games. Katakolon is where the Olympic flame still burns and where it begins its epic journey every two years, prior to being lit at the start of the Games, wherever they are being held.

At Katakolon you can walk among the ruins of the Temple of Zeus, one of the original Seven Wonders of the World. You can see and marvel at the stadium that once held over forty thousand spectators to the games that were held in honor of Zeus.

Greek Island Cruises

Greek Island Cruises often start in Barcelona, Spain. A venerable, beautiful city, with its origins grown in Rome’s founding shadow. You will sail your way down the coast, past Venice and Italy’s coast to Athens, where you can climb to the Temple of Apollo and visit the Old Town which has been torn down and rebuilt several times by the ancients before urban renewal became a modern invention and taste ouzo and true Greek cuisine.

Other splendors of ancient Greece’s mainland include a trip to the Corinth Canal, a short cut between the Aegean and Ionian Seas with stops to Ancient Corinth and Mycenae, the burial place of Agamemnon, the leader of the Three Hundred, the famous Trojan defenders of Greece against the Persians.

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