Rhine River Cruises & Germany Vacations for Two

Romantic Getaway Ideas Along the Rhine River

Here are some romantic city getaway ideas for romantic Germany vacations. The best part is that all you have to do is follow the Rhine river by car or boat or Rhine River Cruises.

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Rhine River Cruise Starts in Regensburg

At Regensburg, a city with its roots in ancient Rome’s expansion is now home to the oldest restaurant in Germany, Alte Wurstkuche or the Sausage Kitchen. Filled with incredible homes of thirteenth and fourteenth century architecture, Regensburg has a charm all its own.

Nuremberg, Germany Vacations

Nuremberg, where the famous Hall of Justice is, home to where the war crimes trials of Nazi officers after World War II, is your next port of call on this incredible journey down the rivers of Germany. Nuremburg holds much of Europe's World War II history in its city walls and much can be learned here.

Bamberg Romantic Getaways

In medieval Bamberg, tour the eleventh century cathedral that was remodeled in the thirteenth century to reflect the Romanesque style as you stroll through this lovely and historic city. One of the highlights of the city is the delightfully smoky beers that are brewed here.

Wurzburg and Germany's "Romantic Road" to Rothenberg, feature Wurzburg's Bishop's Palace, one of the largest in the world and the turreted city of Rothenberg.

Rhine River Cruise through Koblenz, Germany

Now you have reached the Middle Rhine and Lorelei Rock, where the famous Maidens sing their alluring songs and the town of Koblenz. On your way to Koblenz you will stop at Marksburg, a medieval castle that has the distinction of being the only castle never to have been destroyed in its seven hundred year history.

Cologne, Germany Vacations

Cologne, a city on the Rhine, is the home of one the oldest universities in Europe. The great cathedral of Cologne, the Kolner Dom, or as the natives call it "the eternal construction site" was begun in 1248, but never completed until 1880. To me it looks like an old heap of concrete but it is said to contain relics of the Magi, the Wise men that visited the Christ child upon his birth.

Rhine River Cruise ends with Passau, In Passau there Europe’s largest pipe organ resides; you are treated to a concert in the Cathedral of Saint Stephan. You can visit the thirteenth century strong hold of the bishops of Passau, Veste Oberhaus and wander through the winding streets and marvel at the Italian inspired architecture.

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