Romantic Florida Beaches

Looking for Romance? Why not Visit one of the Florida Beaches?

For couples who find beach going absolutely romantic Florida beaches is definitely one of the best destinations to visit where beaches are concerned. Florida is lined with beaches, with the most popular ones usually on the Gulf Coast of Florida. Every year, the beaches attract many visitors who are looking for a destination with the perfect climate that is not too expensive to get to. And what makes Florida beaches great for couples is that there are both daytime and nighttime activities to do that allow you to spend time together and enjoy each other's company.

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Three of the Most Popular Beaches in Florida for Romantic Couples

If you are going on honeymoon or just a romantic getaway together, then Florida beaches provide the perfect ambience that strikes up romance. Here are three of the most popular beaches that you can visit for a wonderful and memorable experience:

Fort Myers Beach

Fort Myers Beach the first thing you need to note about Fort Myers is that there is usually heavy traffic congestion with cars. Therefore, it would be wise of you to park far and walk to the beach as opposed to trying to drive there. You do not want to drive around looking for somewhere to park all day, now do you?

Fort Myers Beach is definitely the kind of area for the more laid-back travelers who do not mind the fact that not all the facilities in the area are luxury. It is typically a destination for partygoers who love to enjoy themselves and mix with other people. You will find a wide range of dive restaurants, beach bars and tourist oriented boutiques to fill your time in Fort Myers Beach. You will also find that there is affordable accommodation that may not necessarily be romantic but you can definitely make it that way!

Clearwater Beach

The reputation that Clearwater Beach has is of being the destination with brilliant white sand beaches and awesome, clear waters that are almost always calm. Clearwater Beach is just a few minutes’ drive from Clearwater, Tampa and Saint Petersburg. In those areas, you can expect to find wonderful nightlife and entertainment, as well as art and culture right within your grasp. With that said, Clearwater or any of those other areas mentioned would be perfect for a romantic getaway, as the wonderful Clearwater Beach is very nearby.

It always seems pretty busy, but that is mainly because of the appeal of the beach. As a plus, it is protected by lifeguards so you will not have to worry about your safety there. Also, there are two wonderful restaurants that are positioned right on the sand so once you are done sun-soaking together or doing water sports, you can just grab a bite to eat. This is more of a practical romantic beach destination for couples who simply just want to get away and spend time together.

Naples Beach

This is one of the most vast and most popular beaches in Florida as it surrounds one of the fastest-growing metropolitan areas in the state. You can definitely see that there is a lot of money circulating in Naples, and that comes across in how the beach and beach parks are kept. What you will love is the fact that lots of tropical plants and other foliage are used to line the streets and the beach nine, making Naples Beach an absolutely awe-inspiring destination.

In particular, visitors and couples can go to Lowdermilk Park Public Beach which is directly across from downtown Naples. It is one of the most beautiful beach parks you can find anywhere in Florida and consists of amenities like a small lake as well as covered picnic areas. You and your significant other can quietly enjoy each other's company at this park if you have had enough sun for the day.

While Florida is not often called the most romantic state in America, you can definitely find romance and keep it going if you visit any of the most popular beaches there. You and your partner will definitely have a lot of one-on-one memories to fall back on years down the road.

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