Florida Beach Weddings

Are you a Hopeless Romantic? Why not Consider Florida Beach Weddings?

You can consider Florida beach weddings as the perfect option if you and your loved one interested in getting married under a captivating sunset or with the sound of waves crashing in the background. In Florida, many people get married along the coast every year, especially considering how beautiful and breathtaking the crystal clear waters are. Typically, there are places that offer to plan the complete event for you, and most planners will include the following elements:

• Beachfront ceremony with the backdrop of the ocean and/or a sunset
• Ceremony conducted by a legally authorized person
• Unity features like candles or sand vases
• Photo albums or CDs with tons of memories, if required
• Legal filing for your marriage license

Once you’ve invited your guests, there is really not much else you have to do apart from buying your dress and suit! Everything else is taken care of by the companies that plan Florida beach weddings.

You can also have a customized wedding on the beach on honeymoon Island, Florida. The services provided by the staff are numerous and they will adjust according to your needs and budget, but this is not a last minute thing.

What are the Four Most Popular Beach Areas for Florida beach weddings?

While you have a lot to choose from in terms of beaches in Florida, you should consider the following four beach areas for weddings because of how beautiful they are and how vast the activities there are that may help to make your honeymoon special.

Cape Canaveral and Cocoa Beach Florida

The sandy beaches at Cocoa Beach are extremely gorgeous and there is also an expansive pier that allows visitors to either go fishing, or dine and dance in the sunset. After you have completed the formalities of getting married, you and your guests can spend time on the pier as part of your reception where you can dine as well as be entertained by music.

There is also a large promenade that leads to the beach where you will find an observation deck that allows you to overlook the ocean. When the crowd is gone and just you and your partner are left, you can spend a quiet moment staring into the crystal waters.

Sanibel Island -- romantic Sanibel Island vacation ideas

This is perhaps one of the best destinations for weddings in this side of the world! It is one of those exotic destinations, and is known for an abundance of seashells, tropical plants and wildlife. This is a true nature lover’s paradise and if that is the kind of wedding setting you want, then there is no place better to have your ceremony!

If you happen to have guests who arrive days before the actual wedding, they will have lots of activities to do to keep them occupied until the special day. There are sporting activities as well as shopping available, and each evening they can partake in the fine dining cuisine at some of Sanibel Island’s restaurants. It is definitely a perfect wedding destination!

Miami -- romantic ideas for Miami vacations

You definitely cannot go wrong with Miami for a Florida beach weddings! There is just so much that the city of Miami and the beach itself have to attract people, including its history, culture and nightlife. You will find a lot of experienced wedding planners in Miami who can help to plan your wedding, whether you want to get married right on the beach or at a resort overlooking the ocean. And, if you are planning to go on a cruise for your honeymoon, they can also help to find hotels and resorts nearby the boarding area of your cruise ship so your guests can be in very close proximity to you. Miami is definitely one of the most practical yet romantic areas in Florida to get married.

Sarasota, including Longboat Key, Siesta Key and Lido Key Sarasota is known as Florida’s area for the rich and famous and you will definitely have an exquisite wedding if you choose that area. The Gulf is an excellent backdrop for your beach wedding, as is the sun setting behind you. The endless white sand beaches all around you, and on the three keys, would make this area of Florida the perfect destination for a sandy beach wedding.

Check out Florida Keys vacations and Mexico Beach Florida for honeymoon ideas.

If you are looking for an affordable yet hopelessly romantic destination to get married, then why not choose Florida? It is much easier and cheaper to get there and the experience itself of getting married will not be shortchanged because of how beautiful and appropriate the areas are. Give yourself and your partner the chance to have one of the most fabulous weddings ever!

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