Romantic Fiji Vacation for Two

Very few island vacations come close to the experience that can be had with the Fiji vacation Islands. A Fiji honeymoon vacation is a popular destination for lovers who want to get away and share their time together in the midst of beauty and nature. There is a clear consensus that Fiji is one of the most romantic honeymoon destinations in the world. There is so much breathtaking beauty throughout the Fiji Islands that will definitely help to make your trip memorable.

Vacation in Fiji comprises a group of island nations that are located in the South Pacific Ocean just about 2000 km north of New Zealand's North Island. Since Fiji is a group of islands people will generally want to believe that it is all the same as other islands they have visited in the past. However, there is something special about the vacation in Fiji experience that makes it the ideal Fiji honeymoon spot. The sights, sounds and unspoiled nature are breathtaking and beautiful, giving people in love the “glue” they need to seal the love they have between each other.

What most couples love about their Fiji honeymoon vacation is that it is at an unassuming location and is a change from the normal island experience in the Caribbean. What is often most stunning to people is how beautiful the sun will set off in the deep turquoise water and how wonderful the beach experience is on just a normal day. While you spend time marveling at the beauty of your partner, you will also be spending time marveling at just how beautiful the oceanfront actually is!

Romantic Things to do on a Vacation in Fiji

One of the most common activities in Fiji is scuba diving. There is a significant amount of soft coral reefs throughout the islands, especially in the Nadi and Denarau islands. In fact, these two are the most commonly visited Fiji Islands.

With scuba-diving being so popular, you often find that couples looking for romantic vacations that include water activities will choose Fiji. It is truly a great experience being underwater and marveling at the beauty of the reefs while swimming hand-in-hand with the person you love.

Immerse yourself in the culture of the Fiji people by participating in basket weaving while storytelling is taking place. Storytelling is a huge part of the Fiji culture.

Fiji Honeymoon Ideas

As part of your romantic vacation in Fiji, here are some recommendations for spending your time in this romantic honeymoon destination.

• Share in a wonderful gourmet meal by candlelight right on the beachfront. We always enjoy dining with a bottle or wine with a complimentary sunset right on the ocean.

• Fiji honeymoon vacations are also known for the waterfalls and rainforests so it would be remiss of you to not take rainforest hikes and experience what nature has to offer first-hand.

• Spend some time getting to know more about the locals by taking a tour or excursion through any of the local villages. You will find that the Fiji people are typically warm and welcoming to visitors, especially those who seem to be in love!

Romantic Fiji Hotels and Resorts

Your Fiji vacation really depends on which of the islands appeals to you most in romantic honeymoon destinations. There are several resorts across the islands that just seem to cater to couples on their Fiji honeymoon. From luxury suites to heated swimming pools to spas offering couples’ massages, there is really nothing you can complain about on your romantic Fiji vacation. Here are four of the most recommended romantic honeymoon destinations resorts for couples in the Fiji Islands:

  • Qamea Island Resort & Spa - Villa
  • Yasawa Island Resort for romantic Fiji vacation
  • Turtle Island Resort for romantic Fiji vacation
  • Taveuni Island Resort for romantic Fiji vacation
Planning How You Will Get to Fiji Vacation

Nadi International Airport located 9 km north of the centre of Nadi is the largest Fiji international gateway. The main airline that moves passengers between the United States and Fiji is Air Pacific. They usually have flights on Sundays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. Most of them originate from Los Angeles and in about 10 ½ hours you will be at your romantic honeymoon destinations and island getaway.


Tropical Romantic Vacations: The best place to find year round romantic vacations is in the tropics. You’ll be treated to numerous isolated beaches, towns and cities rich in history and culture, and some of the best sunset spots in the entire world. Just imagine your romantic getaway with a crystalline blue ocean against a breathtaking backdrop of lush vegetation.

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