Fiji Honeymoon Vacation

How many people can say they were given their own private beach in the south Pacific for their honeymoon?

The real hidden gems of Fiji honeymoon vacation are private honeymoon islands, so be sure to ask about them first!


When images of quiet tropical beaches come to mind as a honeymoon destination, you more than likely are picturing someplace close to Fiji. Within more than 300 islands, ranging in size from the largest, Viti Levu at just under the size of the State of Connecticut, down to several that are so small that still have no permanent inhabitants. But please don’t think that these are not worth seeing. Many of them are accessible by private tour and offer prefect white sand beaches and soft tropical breezes. Where better to have a quiet picnic for two people?


Reaching your Fiji Honeymoon is actually rather simple. From anywhere in the US you would want to make your way first to Hawaii. This is not just a lay over; it’s the start of immersion in south Pacific culture! From Hawaii to Fiji’s airport on Viti Levu is a 6-hour direct flight. Once you arrive your Fiji vacation begins, you can either use the multitude of public transportation or use your home license and rent a car. This can get quite pricey on a daily basis, so you may want to arrange on-island transportation with your travel agent ahead of time. Many people arrange for tours at their hotel and leave the worries behind on their Fiji Honeymoon vacation.

The largest city, Suva, is also the capitol of this multi-cultural island nation. There are multiple restaurants; tour guides and shopping locations that makes this the first stop if you want to have a single location to use as a hub for your Fiji Honeymoon.

The odd thing is that most international flights do not come to Suva, on the east end of Vita Levu, but instead arrive at Nadi International airport on the opposite side of the island.

This is not really a bad thing as there are regular commuting flights and it will give you a chance to see this unspoiled region from the air.


From Suva or Nadi, you can embark by small plane or boat to any one of hundreds of small islands to enjoy on your Fiji vacation, many of which have only accommodations for intimate parties. There are even those that give you something most couples dream about, but you will actually have while here – your very own private beach. Once you arrive and settled into what are called “boutique bungalows”, the staff will disappear to let you have you privacy on your Fiji Honeymoon. This gives you time to enjoy each others company with the sea in front of you, the palms behind you and no one to either side. These are the real hidden gems of Fiji, so be sure to ask about them first! How many people can say they were given their own private beach in the south Pacific for their honeymoon?

Now, there is more to a Fiji Honeymoon vacation than just getting away with each other. The entire country is rich in culture, from the native tribes that still have great influence over the islands to the British, who colonized the islands in the early 1800’s. You can still find many people who live traditional lives and will gladly share their rich history with you. Remember to ask about the shark god and where to get a bowl of yaqona to offer to him before you go into the ocean.

And the ocean is what a Fiji vacation is really all about. Some of the world’s best diving, fishing and viewing from the air via parasailing are here. If you want to see coral underwater, Fiji is the coral capital of the world. There are numerous dive centers to which hotels offer boat rides.

For most folk, getting to Fiji is a long haul through the air, so you may want more than a week to enjoy the splendor together. The best time to travel for your Fiji Honeymoon vacation is late in April/early June, or Mid July to late August (airfares are best priced during those windows). You may want to avoid the months of November to April unless you want a stormy honeymoon – that’s hurricane season.


One note: Fiji has been undergoing social upheaval now for several years. It’s currently under military rule, but the tourist trade is still held in good regard. Make sure you have your passport at all times and travel with a reliable guide.


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