Elope to San Diego

Just think of it, elope to San Diego, just the two of you; maybe your best friends are with you, on the beach, with the sun setting in the background, as you pledge your lives together.


Sounds like the perfect elope wedding, doesn’t it? A wedding doesn’t have to be a huge affair, with all the trimmings, costing more than most luxury cars, does it? Of course not! That’s why we elope! And San Diego is one of the most perfect places to do it at.

Check out Balboa Park’s Zoro Garden. A beautiful butterfly garden, with nectar plants, passion plants and California lilacs and all else required to support the butterfly life cycle, in this grotto garden, it is a hidden delight to the uninitiated. For a small fee, the venue will hold up to seventy five people for the ceremony only, but since you are eloping, the fee may be even lower than normal.

Also found in the Balboa Park is the Rose Garden. Best utilized during April and May, when the blooms are at their peak, this lovely venue is exactly what it is advertised to be, with over three thousand vines and a hundred and fifty varieties of roses. Though you can not pick your bouquet from these lovelies, allow their scent to intoxicate you while you elope to San Diego.

And once your vows are said, you can retire to one of San Diego’s many fine restaurants for your wedding meal/reception. When on our honeymoon we dined in the Gas Lamp District where we enjoyed great food and live music.

If picnicking and views is your thing, then try Mission Bay’s Hospitality Point. With everything from picnic shelters to fire rings, and views of San Diego and the Bay, you can have your cake and eat it too (literally!).

Padre Cross at Presidio Park is a popular place to get married. Built by the Order of Panama in 1913 with tiles from tiles of the original Presidion fortress, the Padre Cross holds much of the history and meaning of the area. So if you are planning to elope, plan ahead. About six months ahead, at the very least, because you are going to need that much time to book this beautiful and meaningful spot. You can picnic here, but you are going to have to vacate the area before five p.m. (six p.m. day light saving time) but between the history and the meaning of the area, who cares?

Cuvier, or the Wedding Bowl, across the street from the San Diego Museum of Contemporary Art, is THE place for the beach wedding, but be warned, only one permit per day is issued.

Ellen Browning Scripps Park is your best bet for a beach wedding. Often called the “most photographed beach” by AAA, it allows for picnicking. California does not have a waiting period for marriage licenses, but do bring your ID (driver’s license, military ID or passport) and divorce papers (if you are divorced or death certificate is you are widowed). You must be eighteen or older to get married in the state of California. Above all, have a great elope to San Diego.

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